Unseen Intentions (A Creative Peace About Problems Teenagers Go Through, Has A Very Twisted Ending)

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"Cheerful stuff on the news these days," my dad commented as I walked past him. He was sitting on the couch in front of the TV, watching the 7:30 news. I walked over to him and watched over his shoulder. He was eating curry, and a beer was held in his left hand. Normally I would have looked for an excuse to argue, but he was right. The story was an in-depth look at a 16-year-old girl whose boyfriends had been murdered one-by-one by an unknown serial killer. The girl herself was a beauty. I prided myself in the fact that my girlfriend was one of the best, but Leigh was outclassed on several levels by the girl who was on the TV. Her tear-stained face was shown with microphone shoved abruptly in front of her face, whimpering about how alone and scared she felt. Her eyes were so blue and fathomless that I was almost too entranced to look into them. Almost. She was a blonde to die for. I could almost understand her later boyfriends going out with her, even though they must have noticed that something was going on."Your dinner's on the table," my dad told me. I jumped. I ripped my eyes from the TV. "Huh?" I blurted out."Your dinner is on the kitchen table", my dad repeated, a distinct barely concealed grin evident on his face. I went into the kitchen and got dinner. My mother was away. If she was here, then you could be sure that we would not be eating TV dinners; we would be having "pleasant" conversation at the dinner table. I was tempted to grab a beer from the fridge for myself (hell, I'm only two years away from my 18th birthday after all) then decided against it because I didn't want to be caught with a hangover tomorrow.I couldn't stop thinking about the chick on the news. Part of me was lusting after her and the other part of me (the much more sensible part) was telling myself that I was being stupid. I also felt guilty about lusting about someone I had seen once on TV instead of my girlfriend Leigh. I finished my dinner and did some monotonous maths work until about 11:00 then went to bed.My alarm clock assaulted my ears in the morning for the fist time in six week (it was the first school day of the year). The school year started off bad: before the start of work I found out from one of my many connections (my friend Michael's girlfriend) that my girlfriend was cheating on me. I silently cursed her and her new boyfriend with all sorts of sexist and offensive statements that should not really be written down. We had been going out for nearly a year. I started off first period in a completely black mood. The sort of mood when you start to be angry or irritated at almost everything in the world, as well as the thing or person who had got you into that mood in the first place. In fact one of the few things could happen that would have changed my mood, did.Right at the start of my period three class (Chinese) our year level coordinator came in and announced that we had a new student in year eleven who would be finishing her schooling here....

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685 words - 3 pages had a broken leg. If you wanted to trace the chain of events that lead to the cause of marrow escaping into his blood stream, you could very well trace it to the beginning of man. This was when jealousy and anger first became qualities that humans could express. It was not just Gene who pushed Finny out of the tree, it was society. It is the haze in which people must see through to reach the truth; and the consequences of the blind force that

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811 words - 3 pages Peter Stephens Framed Dr. Hawley Crippen, a well respected professional living in a suburban lifestyle, was hanged in 1910 for supposedly poisoning and dismembering his wife. It wasn't until 2008, nearly a century later, that his innocence was proved with a DNA test. Our novel contains a very similar incident regarding the death of Phineas. In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene is thought to be the primary factor behind Finny

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