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On March 14 of last year, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little girl into the world. It was not an ideal arrival, and we certainly were not prepared for the inevitable chain of events that would occur. I remember the setting with such clarity and precision that it seems somehow unreal; a figment of an overactive imagination. It was around 11:20PM and I had been in labor for 17 hours. We were anxiously awaiting the moment we would finally get to meet our little girl. At 11:46PM, the doctor told me to give one more big push. I was so exhausted but determined to do my best, there was a reward at the end of this marathon. A nurse pushed my husband out of the way and jumped on top of my ...view middle of the document...

"We are going to care flight your daughter to OU Children's hospital in Oklahoma City within the next thirty minutes. We will have to do emergency surgery tomorrow morning-" I can't recall the exact details of what the doctor tried to prepare us for, I just remember feeling like I couldn't breathe. I had a lump in my throat, my stomach was all in knots and I was fighting back the urge to scream with rage.

My husband and I knew our daughter would have a cleft lip from an ultrasound I had at thirty two weeks pregnant, we did not know the extent of the birth defect. We also knew what an imperforated anus was. His brother was born with a rare association, VATER's. It is an acronym for a variety of birth defects. "V" for vertebrae, "A" for anal imperforation, "T" for trachea and "R" for renal. We both assumed our daughter had this as well, even though statistics state it was less than a one percent chance of being a genetic disease. His brother had twenty two surgeries before his second birthday, so I knew we were in for a long road. I was so upset, I couldn't believe this was happening to us, to my sweet new baby girl. I kept asking God, "Why her? Why would you subject such a sweet innocent child to this? Isn't putting Josh (my husband's brother) through this enough?" I knew I had to make a choice, I could be bitter or I could be strong for my daughter. I chose strength and asked my husband to please meet the care flight team at OU Children's hospital. I stayed up and prayed all night for my sweet angel.

The next morning, I was discharged from Norman Regional hospital. My doctor completely understood I needed to be with my baby. I was so grateful for him, he helped me in more ways than I think he will ever know. My parent's drove me to my daughter and as soon as I got there I rushed up to the intensive care unit. My sweet baby lay there in a plastic box with tubes and wires running in every direction. She was the most beautiful, precious sight I had the pleasure of laying eyes on. Her head was covered in this soft platinum blonde hair, her skin tone was a rose pink and she had this tiny body with big, Sasquatch style feet(from me unfortunately). I started to shake, and then began to cry softly. I felt sorry for her, I knew she was going to have a hard life. My daughter opened her eyes and looked over in my direction, I reached over and she grasped my finger with a strong grip. This was such an amazing moment because we instantly connected, she knew who I was. She loved me unconditionally and even though she was this tiny, incapable human being, she had the power to console me by grasping my finger. I was intrigued by this ambiance of strength she possessed, as if she were saying, "I am going to be ok, mommy."

That same day, my daughter went into her first major surgery. My husband, myself and our family huddled...

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