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Unstructured And Structured Essay

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For the most part, structured data refers to information with a high degree of organization, such that inclusion in a relational database is seamless and readily searchable by simple, straightforward search engine algorithms or other search operations; whereas unstructured data is essentially the opposite. The lack of structure makes compilation a time and energy-consuming task. It would be beneficial to a company across all business strata to find a mechanism of data analysis to reduce the costs unstructured data adds to the organization.

Unstructured usually refers to information that doesn’t reside in a traditional row column database. As we might expect , it’s the opposite of structured data. The data stored in fields in a database. Unstructured data files often include text and multimedia content. Example include e-mail messages , word processing document , video , photos , audio files , presentations , web ...view middle of the document...

Structured data has the advantage of being easily entered , stored , queried and analyzed. At one time , because of the high cost and performance limitation of storage , memory and processing , relational databases and spreadsheets using structured data were the only way to effectively manage data. Anything that couldn’t fit into a tightly organized structured would have to be stored on paper in a filling cabinet.

The ambiguity inherent in matching keywords can be eliminated by identifying the meaning that a document or query author intended when they used a keyword. In this article, a concept is a disambiguated keyword, i.e. a keyword for which the intended meaning has been identified.

Concept trees show how the concepts in WordNet are connected with these relations. The following diagram illustrates the structure of a concept tree. The generalisations show the concepts that can be reached with the hyponym relation. The specialisations show the concepts that can be reached with the hypernym relation.

Concept tree structure

Some concepts are composed of parts or are made from substances. The parts or substances of a concept are reached with the meronym relation. Some concepts are part of a whole and the concept that represents the whole is reached with the holonym relation.

The alternatives of a concept are those concepts that have the same generalisation as the concept, i.e. the siblings of the concept in the tree. Alternatives are reached with the hyponym relation.

1. Identify resources that are relevant to the targeted user community interest.
2. Analyzing the contents of resources (documents)
3. Represents the contents of certain resources in a way that allows it to be reconciled with any questions (queries) users.
4. Represents a question (query) the user in a way that makes it possible to reconcile the source of the information contained in the database.
5. Bringing a search statement with the data stored in the database.
6. Discovered return relevant information.
7. Improving the performance of the system based on feedback provided by users.

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