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Human Resource Management Interview BMGT 332-001 March 19, 2001 Contents I. Introduction...............................1 II. Organization Information...................1 III. Background Information.....................2 IV. Role of Human Resources....................3 V. Performance Appraisals.....................5 VI. Closing....................................6 VII. Works Cited................................7 Introduction Human resource management is part of the human resource approach, which is evidently geared to allow organizations to benefit in two significant ways: increasing in the organization?s effectiveness and satisfying all of the employee?s needs. Organizational goals and employee needs are considered mutual and compatible in this approach, instead of simply addressing them as separate things. In other words, one need cannot be gained at the expense of the other (Human Resource Management... 6). The human resource manager in charge of the corporate office of a large brewing company, and also the manager that I interviewed, is Lori Fulmer. Mrs. Fulmer is the benefits and risk manager of Gordon Biersch.Organization Information Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch founded their first restaurant in Palo Alto in 1988. What began as a single restaurant brewery collaboration soon turned into a chain. A little over two years ago, Trolley Barn Breweries Holding Company, which consists of many Big River Grille restaurants, Rock Bottom, A1A Ale House and Seven Bridges Bar & Grille, purchased the rights to the Gordon Biersch restaurants. The new company still retains the Gordon Biersch name. The two founding members still run the brewery based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The lucrative merger blends the West Coast brewing style, which uses the unique German style of brewing, with the one of a kind microbreweries of the East. This merger incorporated twenty-five restaurants and two more have opened in the past year. Gordon Biersch corporate offices are responsible for controlling the success that is obtained throughout the restaurant.The total amount of managerial staff is more or less than 225 people. This includes everyone from the CEO all the way down to the corporate staff. The total amount of employees throughout the chain of restaurants and breweries, including the corporate offices, is somewhere around two thousand. The human resource department, including Mrs. Fulmer, has three exempt staff and two clerical workers (Gordon Biersch Webpage).Background Information Lori Fulmer attended Eastern Tennessee State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management. Although Mrs. Fulmer has only been with Gordon Biersch for about six months, she has had thirteen years experience in this field of work. She worked as another human resource manager in a major manufacturing company in Johnson City. There, Mrs. Fulmer was part of a professional association known as the Johnson City Human Resource Association.Role of Human...

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2241 words - 9 pages It's almost midnight and I still lay awake, outside my window I look at the broken sky, every night in the sky I look for a shining star, the one that I have not found yet. I don't quite remember where and when I lost it. It appears that my star has grown tired of this gruesome world and has lost its ability to shine. The sound of the angry rain pattering upon the rocky road like a thousand bombs that have lost their purpose. The tapping of the

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1457 words - 6 pages It is often common to have an author or the writer of a certain poem write about similar topics and also reflect the same stylistic characters among his or her poems. In Peter Meinke’s two poems, titled Untitled and Advice to my son, he created them both using a specific tone and the same subject to create different themes. Both of these poems also included some of the important elements of poetry. Peter’s poem Untitled is about a father

This essay was written for a semester exam to exemplify how valuable a tool an education is to aid success in today's world. Untitled

964 words - 4 pages English Exam EssayFirst SemesterThe world doesn't care about your self-esteem; the world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. The three pieces of literature that I chose for this essay are "The Anthem", "Susan B. Anthony", and "Frederick Douglas". The preceding literary texts exemplify my thesis on the matter that they required their utmost attention and will for the things most important to them. In

Its an untitled work in progress by me about a person named Calithar Harlen. ps tell me how you like it/what i need to do to fix it

2067 words - 8 pages Chapter 1Odd beginningsAs a mildly skinny but strong man with a dark-age sword stood on the peak of a hill next to the calm clyan, or town, looking over it as he watched the sun set. It was the most beautiful and peaceful thing Calithar Harlen had ever seen. That is because Calithar is a treyener, or city person. "Well, hopefully war will not find me here." Then he got on his hover bike and sped down the hill. 50MPH...100MPH...150MPH...200MPH

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568 words - 2 pages produces close to life-like figures that are usually disfigures and disturbingly decorated. The harshest of these disfigurements can be seen in Untitled (1982) where a conglomeration of wax, bone, plaster, steel, wood and paint vaguely resembles two human figures. By making the resemblance vague, Alexander lets the imagination of the viewer decide the rest. The figures look like two scrawny, mutilated, perhaps tortured, remains of people hung like

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2201 words - 9 pages ://gameofroles.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/the-confederate-flag/ [Untitled illustration of the American Civil War battle]. Retrieved December 9, 2013, from http://www.elist10.com/worlds-top-ten-biggest-wars-in-history/ [Untitled illustration of the Emancipation Proclamation]. Retrieved December 9, 2013, from http://civilwardailygazette.com/2012/09/23/northern-press-and-politicians-react-to-emancipation-proclamation/ [Untitled illustration of Abraham Lincoln freeing

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798 words - 3 pages , water, earth and air, combined with simple objects like a bowl, Persian carpet or shoes, translate into his exploration of self. The untouchable, 1984, contains the simplicity of geometrical design and a sense of the mystical. Later Valamanesh incorporated archetypal forms into his art, such as the ladder and his own silhouette or shadow.Untitled, 1990 and Untitled, 1991, are both images of head-and shoulders silhouette that gradually form a point

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1284 words - 5 pages religion has corrupted the society. For example, Wojnarowicz sewing his mouth shut represents his vulnerability as an AIDS infected gay man in the society. Furthermore, Wojnarowicz’s Untitled (One day this kid…) 1990 depicts a photograph of a small boy surrounded by text. Some of the text around the image states, “ Doctors will pronounce this kid curable as if his brain were a virus…. All this will begin to happen in one or two years when he

Muslim Women

1706 words - 7 pages was made from the rib of man, she was not created from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be stepped upon, she was made from his side to be close to him, from beneath his arm to be protected by him, near his heart to be loved by him,” and it really reflects the words of the Qur’an and how women should be treated ([Untitled image of a quote and a couple], n.d.). The quote expresses that Muslim men and women are equal to one another, and the

Poetry as organised violence, committed upon ordinary speech: Different Poems

1226 words - 5 pages This essay intends to respond to the statement "Poetry is a form of organised violence committed upon ordinary speech” through the use of poetry by William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound and E.E.Cummings. Using the poems ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’ and the untitled poem ‘poem’ (Williams), ‘In a Station of the Metro’ (Pound) and the untitled poem ‘Poem, or Beauty hurts Mr. Vinal’ (Cummings), this essay will attempt to show that different styles and

Little Lushes

1042 words - 4 pages continue to decline until it is no longer a problem.'What are the Facts of Underage Drinking?' Untitled: 5 pars. On-line. Internet. Availablehttp://www.ovchin.uc.ed.../hopeline/underage.htmlAssociated Press. 'Assembly Passes Bill to Fight Underage Drinking.' Untitled: 7 pars. On-line.Internet. Available http://www.smartline.com/ap/ap621101.htmlCollegian Editorial Board. 'Current Drinking Laws Need to be Re-evaluated.' Collegian Opinion: 12 pars. On

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1266 words - 6 pages The first thing you notice about these places is the putrid smell. Every den reeks of desperation, the smell of men and women who gave up on existence long ago. The splitting headache makes it hard to open my eyes, besides what’s the point; it always looks as bad as the aroma it puts off. I’ve grown accustom to the sense offending hell holes that are sloth dens but you never truly get use to it, it just becomes easier to ignore over time. Looking