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Untitled And Advice To My Son, By Peter Meinke

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It is often common to have an author or the writer of a certain poem write about similar topics and also reflect the same stylistic characters among his or her poems. In Peter Meinke’s two poems, titled Untitled and Advice to my son, he created them both using a specific tone and the same subject to create different themes. Both of these poems also included some of the important elements of poetry.
Peter’s poem Untitled is about a father, possibly Peter’s, who is writing this poem to his 10 year old son. This father is apologizing for all the hurt he has caused his son. He’s caused this by not being there for him or being able to understand him. It also says in this poem that the son may have been both physically and emotionally hurt by his father. Finally, this poem ends with the father saying that he wishes that he could have told his son more often that he was beautiful and cares about him, because apparently he didn’t tell him enough.
His other poem, Advice to my son, Peter seems to be giving his son advice. He starts off by telling him to live life to the fullest and plan ahead for the future, because you never know when it will be taken from you. He then goes on to tell him to smell the flowers, or in other words to not forget the simple things in life. Marrying a pretty girl, being strong and making sure you work hard at what you is other advice that is given to his son. This poem ends with the father telling his son to always serve bread and wine, which can be taken as religiously or metaphorically.
The speakers and audience in poem are crucial elements of the poem and is also the case in these poems. In the poem Untitled, it can be argued that the poem is being written by Peter based on what his father might say to him or the persona of his father that Meinke created. The beginning line starts with, “This is a poem to my son Peter” (Meinke, Line 1) and I found it ironic that the poem was about a boy named Peter and written by a poet with the name Peter. This is why I figured that Peter’s father is the speaker. The speaker in the poem Advice to my son is Peter and he is talking to his son. I came to this conclusion based on his other poem Untitled. It seemed as if Advice to my son was a poem that Peter wrote his son after what he went through with his father. Finally, in both poems the audience is a son, with the only difference being that in Untitled it seems as if the son is Peter, while in Advice for my son the audience is Peter’s son.
Tone is an important element in poetry and in the poem Untitled the tone comes across as regret. This also goes along with the theme of remorse and asking for forgiveness that this poem had. This poem comes across as having the tone of regret, which is perceived through the word choice or diction Meinke uses. For instance, in line 3 he uses the word “vulnerable” (Meinke, Line 3), which seems more depressing or sad and also gives the word more emphasis than had he just used the word hurt in its...

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