How To Achieve Preventative Healthcare Essay

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In the current political climate, there are few topics more hotly debated than that of healthcare. The interest in healthcare reform skyrocketed during the 2008 presidential elections with both of the leading democratic presidential hopefuls paying particular attention to the phenomenon of unequal access in America. The majority of this focus was on the difficulties experienced by the lower and a middle classes compared to their wealthier counterparts. What has been sadly underreported, however, are the unusually heavy burdens placed on low-income women in their attempt to secure reproductive healthcare. Though no little air time has been dedicated to the discussion of these women’s—and all women’s—access to abortion, politicians by-and-large have ignored the far more pressing issue of basic and essential preventative care.

The reasons behind this disregard for the difficulties of low-income women is multi-faceted. On the practical side of matters there is an illogical implementation structure wherein states are able to change guidelines to who can access healthcare, what type of healthcare is accessible, and under which conditions healthcare is obtainable on a whim. However, there are theoretical problems as well, particularly the failure of even those dedicated to fixing the system to recognize the real obstacles in the way of change. Throughout this paper, I will thus argue that low-income women are prevented from accessing healthcare with equal ease to their higher-income peers because of historically overlooked social and environmental barriers including intra- and interpersonal relations. To accomplish this, I will first examine the traditional approaches and interpretations of women’s healthcare including how previous efforts to equalize access across socio-economic classes have failed due to incomplete premises about what barriers low-income women face. Secondly, I will discuss why these approaches have failed and examine in greater detail what additional factors are significantly impacting these women’s ability to access and use available healthcare options. Finally, I will consider possible solutions to the aforementioned problems and offer the course of action I feel will best minimize this inequality.

Before any substantive discussion on healthcare reform is possible, American society must first acknowledge fully and without reservation why such reform is necessary. If there is one flaw in American culture that hurts this country the most, it is the tendency for its citizens and politicians to promote America as more superior than it actually is. Put more simply, Americans have the unfortunate desire for America to be the greatest country in the world and therefore often overlook its flaws. Among these flaws are the daily lives of the lower-class who live in a level of poverty the rest of the nation refuses to acknowledge. Their highly economically-depressed state leads not only to psychological pains like depression but also to...

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