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JAYLEN RUSH (28), an aspiring cinematographer lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife IVY JONES (26), a visionary short filmmaker. Ivy writes and directs short films with social message while Jay is the cinematographer. Together they form a great team although their portfolio is not big enough to land up in a regular job. Ivy has a strong friend’s circle although most of them she met through her profession. The group is keen in studies to enhance their knowledge and takes new courses at UCLA-Extension, where they make new friends from different countries. They spend time regularly and support her unique vision often, play a big part in Ivy’s films. Jay don’t have a proper friend’s ...view middle of the document...

Ivy steps up and asked Jay out for a date which eventually surprised Jay but ends being the best thing ever happened to him. Soon Ivy and Jay fell in love with one another and Jay saw an immense honesty in Ivy while Ivy saw a loyalty in him. They started live together despite of struggling financially the love and support from their relationship managed to reward them with a memorable life.
Ivy extends her social responsibility to a next level by her decision to enter into feature filmmaking for promoting a bigger change. Although Jay wanted her be to realistic in-terms of her goals, he can’t deny Ivy’s ambitious attempts to break into Industry and do movies with a strong message. They’re very open and truthful in sharing their past life because of her nurturing childhood she is more optimistic and Jay’s terrible childhood brings an uncertainty. Ivy begins to spend more time towards creating a compelling screenplay which she hopes to bring faith in people and allows her to be more financially stable, to help people in need. Although Jay is proud of Ivy’s noble intentions sometimes Ivy’s obsessive need to help others annoys him, as they’re not in a great position to offer charity. Whenever he starts a conversation about this, Ivy has her superstitious talks to suppress him. Apart from writing the screenplay for her first feature film, she constantly meets her friends and discuss a great deal about the story development. Ivy from time to time secretly participates in medical experiments for money and she never discloses this to Jay, as he can’t tolerate it.
On her birthday Jay gifts her with a proposal ring, Ivy gladly accepts it and marry him on the someday in the presence of her best friends. On the day of her marriage she feels strange disturbances in breathing and experiences an irregular heartbeat (ECG/EKG like Visuals on the screen corner showing the reducing pulse rates). She gets a vision of a Man in a long dark green coat tries to reach her with a knife. At the same time when Jay kisses her the symptoms seems to be reduced and she makes it through the day. Few days later she begins to experience strange fatigues and loss of appetite; still she ignores it and concentrates on the script development by adding her vision as a villain character in the story. In that same week she enrolls for a medical study which she often participates but this time she was rejected due to her incompatibility. Ivy does everything in her power to get to the bottom of the rejection finds out she has an auto-immune disorder called Lupus (aka) SLE, which is started to affect her heart muscles. Discovering there is no cure to this disorder and medications can only extend her life for few years, she hides the fact from Jay as she can’t see him sad or nothing he can do to stop her death.
Ivy then vigorously attempts to complete the screenplay for a potential sale. Ivy wants to settle Jay with some money for his future life and wishes to see her dreams of...

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