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Unwanted Children: Adoption And Foster Care In The Us

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`Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in or apart of the adoption process? Most people have different opinions on the whole system. Many think that the process is easy and they don’t actually know what most children go through. If more people understood the problems they face then child welfare wouldn’t be so difficult. Children come from broken or abusive households where treatment is horrible or to the point where they just remove the children.
Social workers want more people to know about the situations they face but at the same time they are not allowed to put important business out there. The problem with parents is that they don’t even want to focus on the ones they had so why adopt another. Poverty is a world issue and doesn’t just involve children so social workers have to make sure that when a child is taken from a bad home they will not be placed back in poverty. It’s crazy how racism even exist with in something so small such as adopting a child. Children aren’t being adopted because of their race which isn’t fair.
The child is raised by the people around them and that affects how they act and more. We shouldn’t choose a child by color, they should be chosen based on that adult’s responsibility level to take care of it. Child welfare has become such an important epidemic to social workers in America. These people are taking the problem more seriously and trying to clear up the main situations they are facing which are racial biases, recruiting parents and poverty.

There are so many problems in the child welfare world that many don’t know about; the first is racial biases dealing with children. Children of any other color except white are faced with such a hard time when it comes to becoming adopted. It seems to be hard to change the system in the child welfare world. The children who are under a certain age probably don’t understand why they aren’t getting adopted they just hope that there is a better life outside of foster care. Social researchers didn’t understand why so many children weren’t being adopted until a study was conducted.
Researchers started doing studies to figure out what the problems seemed to be. They separated the children into different ethnic groups to see if there was a difference. The results where shocking because they didn’t know it was as serious so the matter got deeper. When the results came back it showed that children of backgrounds such as African American or Native American they had a harder time of being adopted. The focus is now on these to ethnic groups due to the high ratings of their findings.
They even found out that fewer and poorer quality social services are available to children of color and their parents. We still don’t understand the basis of the racism and why children have to respond to it. At the end they decided to not base everything off of research but to focus on situations at hand so they wouldn’t ignore reality.
Disproportionality in different races has become more...

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