Unwind Me: Conner´S Conflict Essay

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The main conflict Connor was afflicted with is society desiring to get rid of the “problem child” by having him unwound. Besides Ariana-Connor’s girlfriend, Sonia, and the Admiral, everyone wants Connor dead due to his intolerable behavior, resulting in a man verse society conflict. For instance, Ariana’s parents remark about their disapproval of Connor by saying, “We always knew he’d be an Unwind, you should have stayed away from that Lassiter boy” (Shusterman 5). Connor only had two options. He could have run from the Juvey Cops, his parents, and the reality that he’d probably end up being unwound or he had the option to give society their way by giving them exactly what they desired; to have one less problem in the world. Obviously, Connor faced his conflict head on and decided he was going to fight past everything to remain alive. This depth of society’s desire to dispose of Connor rapidly grew early on when the narrator recalls, “Connor makes a split-second decision and bolts, pushing the officer against the truck and racing across the busy highway.” (Shusterman 18). Connor’s action of assaulting an officer and rapidly escaping made the Juvey cops view him as a threat and want to try even harder to get him unwound. Understanding Connor’s conflict to survive when society wants him dead, helps us better understand the choices he made.
More often than not, people don’t recognize it, but every piece of their atmosphere leaves a prominent affect on them. This is proven true in Unwind by examining Connor’s conflicts and how his actions reflect the impact of conflict in his life. Early in the novel, Connor begins to feel remorseful even before his plan of action to run away has even begun. He uses his knowledge as a weapon to make his parents feel guilty of their decision to unwind him, and Connor has a feeling of remorse for making his parent feel this way (Shusterman 7).
When I was struggling to think of a character that I could relate to for this assessment, I didn’t see the nearly identical resemblance between the conflicts Connor faced and my own. Obviously, I’m not an Unwind, but the purpose behind Connor being unwound and my conflict are pretty much clones. With the exception of tithes, an Unwind’s parents want to get rid of their “problem child” because that means one less trouble they have to worry about. In March of this year, that’s exactly what my own mother wanted to do with me, not...

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