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Up Defiance Vs Tuition Hike Essay

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In UP, Defiance vs Tuition Hike gains groundThe proposed tuition increase in UP - at 200 percent -- is staggering. It is comparable to the most expensive private schools in the country. It certainly is a cause for alarm for many students and parents.DAVAO CITY - To many Filipino youths, studying at the University of the Philippines (UP) as a "iskolar ng bayan" carries immense advantages. There's, of course, the name and the renowned quality of UP education. On a more practical level, however, the subsidized, thus low, cost of studying there is enough motivation to seek a UP education.Imagine, then, the consternation of many UP students when they learned that the state university was going to raise its tuition, making it no different from expensive private schools. To many of them, the "iskolar ng bayan" label, which carries with it the rather lofty idea that the Filipino people are subsidizing good education, has become worthless.The proposed tuition increase - 200 percent -- is staggering, and a cause for alarm for many students and parents. Late last month, students from all UP campuses nationwide made known their sentiment by walking out of their classrooms to march in the streets, demanding that the idea be junked.One of them was Modassir Calalagan, a first year Biology student. "When I was still in high school, I thought UP offered quality but affordable education. But when I entered, I found out that tuition were also raised, just like in private schools," he told "If the increase happens, I will just transfer to a private school since it doesn't make any difference anyway."At present, Calalagan spends about 7,000 pesos for a semester, an amount he considered still affordable. The proposed 200 percent increase, he said, would make him think twice whether to pursue his college education at UP Mindanao.Philip Batingana Jr., another first year student who is taking up Computer Science, thought the proposal unfair. "It becomes ironic to think that we are called 'iskolar ng bayan'," he said. "We are supposed to focus on education, not on the financial side . If this pushes through, there will be no more UP students next semester."Batingana is a full scholar (he obtained the highest grade in the whole UP freshmen bloc) but that is small comfort for him. "I might have an edge because I'm a scholar but who knows, sooner or later, my scholarship will also be affected?" he said. "I am not just fighting for myself but for the others as well."Shany Lou Solatorio, a sophomore Anthropology student, shared the same sentiment. "Our parents will have a harder time if the proposal will be implemented. I joined the rally to show my sympathy that I am against the increase," she said. "This is a state university. The tuition should be lower than any other schools."The change in the system of state colleges and universities such as the UP can be attributed to the policy of the government to force these institutions to generate their own funds. A...

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