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Throw Your Hands In The Air Maybe You´Ll Hit A Drone

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Throw Your Hands In The Air…Maybe You’ll Hit A Drone
It is never too early to be concerned about the future. Especially if the argument and the justification for concern can be made now. Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon has proposed a drone fleet that will venture into an unfamiliar frontier of package delivery, bringing customers all orders under 5lbs their package by one of Amazons specially designed “octocopters”. Though this plan is nothing more than to use drones to deliver packages the idea is extreme and has people up in arms. The reason people are concerned is because they foresee the older and larger issues that are being reintroduced by this new plan. The issue of drone use has been an extremely controversial topic in the US. There has been a struggle to get approval for drones for military use, and now Amazon’s plan would put drones in the private sector, so people are scrambling to fight this delivery idea. People are right to be opposed to the plan now because to them its more than just the immediate issue of drone delivery, it’s the issues of drone usage in general, violations of privacy, and the allowance of big business by the government to do whatever they want. The Author makes the point that yes people are concerned, but shouldn’t be as overwrought as they are now. However, people are not wrong to be against the plan right now because they see that this plan just serves as an addition to issues that have been on going for a long time now.
People are allowed to be up in arms over the Amazon drones plan because the issue is more than package delivery; it’s a violation of the privacy of the American people. The issue of drone use is new, the issue of Amazon drones is newer, but the issue of protecting American’s privacy is as old as the country itself. American people believe they should be given the privacy that comes with their democracy and freedom. People’s concerns aren’t premature and the assumption that they are over reacting to a plan that has a long way to go is wrong. The issue presented by this plan requires action now, and that’s justified and strengthened by actions of congressman like Ted Poe of Texas, who said on the house floor “The issue of concern, Mr. Speaker, is surveillance, not the delivery of packages.” Poe is not only voicing his own concerns in his statement, but also the concern of his constituents. Poe is fully aware of the larger issue because as a Republican representative from Texas he has been in many meetings in congress for different issues that all address protecting privacy of Americans. Poe knows that if the plan were to grow that would mean the American government is supporting and putting time, effort, and funds into something that goes towards violating the right to privacy the American people have. However, the authors response to the Poe statement is to present evidence of another senator who claims, "Before drones start delivering packages, we need the FAA to deliver privacy protections for the...

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