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Up In The AirAs a little girl, I was fascinated with airplanes. I remember the times that I would step outside to glance at a potential airplane. I knew then, that one day I would be flying away. Many people dream of exotic vacations, and never get the opportunity to do so.It was October 29, 2003 and it was the night before my trip to Cancun, Mexico, that I had some trouble sleeping. Indeed, the excitement was overwhelming knowing that it was my first trip outside the US soil; therefore, I was a little nervous. It would be my first time flying since the events of September eleventh. I double-checked what I had packed, shook off the nervousness and began to get ready for bed. The very next morning I went to work, and because my morning was packed with so many calls, time passed with ease. Driving home from my job and extremely excited, it was with great anticipation that I must finish my packing. When I arrived home, I turned on my radio and took a shower. I knew I had to dress appropriately knowing the temperature would be warm in Mexico.Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 pm and I still had four hours before my departure time. As the hours were winding down, I thought to myself, "Chrissie you need to slow down and take your time." I finished getting dressed and continued blow-drying my hair. Finally, my friend Jeremy arrived at my house to pick me up. We both were very excited as we started our journey with a trip to the airport. It was only four o'clock and I realized that the wait would be a long one. At last, Charlotte Douglas International Airport was right before our eyes. Looking back, I was already homesick and missing my family; however, I knew this was a good getaway for Jeremy and I.As we walked to the check-in desk, I started to get a little nervous. I simply prayed for everything to go smoothly. At that very moment a charming voice echoed,"Your name please" said the attendant."Chrissie Roberts and Jeremy Maynard" I replied."Ok I found your reservations, I will need to see birth certificates and ID from both of you," she said with a smile. I handed her the requested documents as she gave us a weird look. I felt as if she didn't believe that was actually us and she would not let us check-in. "How many bags will you be checking in?" she asked, as she returned our documents. "Two, but mine is really heavy" I said, as she laughed and replied that it was ok. The attendant handed us our tickets and directed us to the gate. As we walked through the metal detectors, I felt an overwhelming feeling of freedom. I was on my way to experience a new country. A memorable experience that no one would be able to take away,...

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