Up The Down Staircase Essay

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Up the Down Staircase By Bel Kaufman The main character of this book is Sylvia Barret she is a recent college graduate, and works as a high school English teacher. Sylvia would like to work in a nice private school, like so many of her friends. Instead Sylvia takes a job with the board of education, in a nieve attempt to reach out to the under privileged inner-city children in public schools. Sylvia battles with so many choices in this book. In the end she makes the right ones.Another character that is important to this book is James J. Mchabe. He signs his name with Adm. Asst. (administrative assistant). Sylvia calls him "Admiral Ass" because he is always looking over her shoulder. It seems like Mr.Mchabe's only propose in life is to bother Sylvia and the other teachers. The admiral always seems to find something wrong with the manor the teachers run their classes in. Bea Schachter is another teacher at Calvin Colidge High School. Bea has been a teacher at Calvin Coolidge for a very long time and she automatically makes Sylvia her friend. Bea shows Sylvia the ropes; what to do, what not to do, where to go, where not to go. That kind of stuff. Bea is a good teacher, and a good friend to Sylvia.One of Sylvia's students is Joe Ferone. Joe is a rebel and a hoodlum. Joe barely ever comes to class. Sylvia really wants to help Joe. Sylvia tries to schedule after school sessions with Joe, but he never shows up. Towards the end of the story I get the feeling Sylvia was starting to fall in love with him.This story takes place in a New York City school in Manhattan, in the nineteen- sixties. The book covers the span of one school semester form September to February.Sylvia Barret, a new teacher is starting her first day in room 304. She finds out that teaching isn't all that she thought it would be. Her first friend is Bea a veteran teacher who helps Sylvia out by explaining how Calvin Coolidge high works. The writer takes all the...


The Road Not Taken Vs. Mother To Son

534 words - 2 pages wood / And sorry I could not travel both” (1-2). “Mother to Son” also speaks of life in a metaphorical way, but as a staircase rather than two paths: “Well, son, I’ll tell you / Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” (1-2).      Later in “The Road Not Taken” Frost describes the appearance of each road, one as being less traveled on than the other by people before him who had to make the same decision: “And looked down one

Langston Hughes and Robert Frost as Role Models

1110 words - 4 pages the timeframe that this poem was written, the top of the staircase may represent the goals of the blacks. This could, for example, be a successful life.The narrator in the poem is a mother. She describes to her son that no matter what obstacles come in her way, she keeps climbing the stairs. "Tacks," "splinters," and other obstructions impede her ascent, but she refuses to "set down on the steps." The nuisances could represent instances of

Boo Radley's House

866 words - 4 pages Dill came over two days ago and had resumed his light-pole hugging, staring in wonder at the Radley House. Jem and Scout would take turns keeping him company, although Dill rarely said anything. It was one lazy afternoon and Jem was lounged against the light pole, Dill hugging the pole as usual. Jem picked at a small tuft of plant material, reducing it to a liquid pulp between his fingers. He heaved a sigh and pulled himself up. He tapped the

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840 words - 3 pages !) to impress your friends and wow your teacher. Anyhow, Mrs. Sparsit is completely immersed in trying to get Louisa to cheat on Bounderby with Harthouse. In her mind, she pictures the process of seduction and, hopefully, illicit sex, as Louisa walking down a long staircase into a giant pit of doom and sin. The staircase imagery is pretty powerful. It contrasts the civilized world (someone had to build that staircase, and architecture tends to be

Literary Analysis: the Story of an Hour

647 words - 3 pages answer to but herself now, she feels liberated that her husband can no longer control her. After realizing her blessing in disguise, Mrs. Mallard emerges from her room with her sister and descends her staircase (Chopin 183). This is symbolizing her coming down from being high up. She was on top of the world with her new freedom and responsibilities and going down this staircase symbolizes her coming down from her spot on top of the world. She

Perseverance in Mother to Son and The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes

975 words - 4 pages rivers in “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” as his main modes of symbolism. In “Mother to Son,” Hughes uses a worn staircase as an extended metaphor to parallel its flaws to the struggles of African Americans. The poem begins with a mother speaking to her son about the pressures of reality and telling him not to succumb. She tells her son, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair,” (Mother to Son “MS” line 2) to portray that her life is far from

September 11 2001 Narrative

1182 words - 5 pages inches away from the pale faced mailroom teenager. I lay there paralyzed, not being able to comprehend what kind of act of God could carry out such destruction, such tragedy. Stan - who I thought would get me through this - abandoned me and was already scurrying down the stairs.I picked myself up with whatever strength I had left, knowing that this was not my time to join my teenage coworker. Hurrying down the staircase covered in broken glass

Chapter Fourteen

1206 words - 5 pages . But when he looked up he froze, his eyes closing in terror as one of the ocean’s enormous serpents with massive jaws ringed with teeth the size of buildings slithered overhead and on into the black. Together, the Earthling and the Elves swam down to the ocean floor as if shot from cannon, the waters closing in all around them in a darkening cloud. The Professor was right! Willow was thinking at this point. To enter these waters any other way

Analysing Personal Dream s through Activation Information Mode Model

1245 words - 5 pages pattern of occurring dreams that happened from past days experiences. Analysis Over the course of a month I have documented my dreams for the purpose of applying the AIM theory to interpret what my dreams mean and why that particular dream occurred. On November 11, 2013 I dreamt about writing in my dream journal. In the start of the dream I was dreaming and woke up to write down that dream in the journal. Unfortunately, I could not remember the

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858 words - 4 pages of the staircase, Lexi was pushed down and had been face down on the wooden floor, she had fully injured her head. The girls had gotten up in the morning and were waiting to see where the bride to be disappeared, they had to get her ready. They searched the room, but thought that Lexi was going to come back shortly. One girl decided to go to the lobby and prepare for their ride to the wedding, and had taken the stairs that Lexi had taken

A Short Myth

1151 words - 5 pages make sure that they were fine. Gathering up his himation, Poseidon groggily rose from his throne. He sluggishly lumbered across the chamber with all the grace of a drunken orangutan. He gazed down from the apex of the Grand Imperial Staircase, a little known “back door” into Olympus. What he saw infuriated him, his eyes danced with madness, his pupils widened into vast seas of fury; they were as cold and unfeeling as an iceberg. His eyes had

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