Upgrading Sanctuaries For Animals Essay

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Most of today’s animal shelters are not safe, they are not clean, and they are hurting the environment we are living in. If we care about our pets, we can at least give them an environment where they feel like they are loved, feel safe, and will be cared for every day. Many animals die every day because of harsh living conditions and poor medical attention in shelters. These places are nothing but death traps for these helpless, uncared for, animals. Don’t you wish you could just sometimes provide them some comfort all on your own?
There are two types of animal shelters in the United States; shelters that are operated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the SPCA, for short, and shelters that are operated by humane societies. Specifically, there are “kill shelters” or “open-admission shelters” and “no-kill shelters” or “limited-admission shelters.” Open-admission shelters accept any animal in need of care but may be forced to euthanize animals to make room for new animals. Limited-admission shelters accept animals as long as they have the capacity to care for them, of course they may choose to euthanize animals or refuse any animal they consider unadoptable (Saunders).
There are certain guidelines every shelter should follow, but more than half of the shelters in the United States do not follow these guidelines set by the Humane Society of the United States or the HSUS, for short. The first and most important guideline that shelters should follow is separating dogs from cats, which most shelters do comply with. To more specific, sick and healthy animals should not be in the same room, puppies and kittens should be separate from the adult animals unless they are nursing, and especially males from females for those in season (Schwab 1), shelters wouldn’t want to have numerous puppies and kittens running around, that would make it more crowded.
The conditions of the shelters should also be attended to as well. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the floors should slope towards a drain to prevent the accumulation of water in the runs and should be concrete that has been sealed and disinfected daily, but if you want to go economic friendly, make sure to choose something that keeps the bacteria levels low (Schwab 2). The shelters must have drainage and plumbing systems that work properly and that will be able to handle daily cleaning routines (Schwab 4). Ideally, it would be one dog per kennel. But, most shelters are crowded which doesn’t allow each animal to have it’s own space. If there are two dogs to a kennel, each of them should have room to lie down, stand, and sit normally (Schwab 7). For cats and/or kittens, the cages should be at least nine square feet. There is to be no more than one cat per cage unless the mother cat is nursing to kittens that have been admitted from the same household (Schwab 8).
Most shelters do not follow these regulations and thus leads to inhumane conditions. These...

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