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Upload Here A Letter Of Motivation*: (Why Do You Deserve A Scholarship? Which Is The Contribution You Can Bring At The Conference?)

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I am Fadlan Muzakki. I graduated from Universitas Nasional majoring International Relations in March 2013, and I have worked as a special staff for senator member in Regional Representative Council of Republic of Indonesia for 8 months. I appreciate this opportunity to apply scholarship for Rome Model United Nations. With my background education, my conference experience, and my work experience I firmly believe, I suitable candidate to get scholarship and can contribute for the conference.
Since my collage school days, I have developed strong interests for the issues regarding international relations, particularly for lobbying and diplomatic relations. During my study in collage, I am active in several conferences which discus about International issue, as I advocate the opinion that to be good students of majoring international relations, should practice like real diplomat such as lobbying and join in model united nations. That is ways, I was became a leader of association student of international relations studies in my university and make events like model United Nations in my campus or similar event like that. Moreover to support my knowledge, I participated in National Model United Nation like Indonesia Model United Nations and Jakarta Model United nations. On the other hand, I am working in Regional Representative Council as special staff of senator member. My job description in my work are making trial material recommendations, particularly for Indonesia foreign relations and preparing equipment plenary session, especially for hearing on international relations and national borders. To support my work, sometimes I participate in conference which discuss about international issue.
I am personally believed that many students applying for Rome Model United Nations, because Rome Model United Nations is one of prestigious student conference in the world, especially in Europe. Besides, many students from many countries wish to join Rome model united nations by scholarship. The one of the students is me. In my view, scholarship can help me to join this conference, because I have not enough money to be able join the program. On the other hand, I believe this conference will give big impact for me and my community. If I can join Rome MUN, I will share my experience and my knowledge to all member of the...

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