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Upper Communication Essay

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Poor communication is the main frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict. Individuals recently spend about 70 percent of their waking hours communicating by writing, reading, speaking and also listening. This is causing lack of effective communication. Meanwhile, good communication skills are demanding to career success. It is always been show that communication skills among the most like characteristics. Apparently, communication is one of the most important activities in human life and also with the organization. Communication is a “life” to existence, development and successful to organization.
Communication happened to all organization stages. Upper manager will give direction ...view middle of the document...

Communication is one of the parts that need that should be carried out by manager. 80% from manager time have been spent by doing oral communication or directly with people around him. Communication does happen in a meeting, phone conversation and also informal conversation with top managers, middle and also subordinates. Another 20% have been used to do other task like non verbal communication for example write or read report. It can be say that a manager is the pulse information for an organization.

A manager can be as a monitor and also information processor. Plus, as a manager, they need to spread and distribute information to subordinates. A manager can also be a spokesman that distributes information to individual on outside organization.
Communication is from Latin words “communcare” that bring the meaning of creating equality. According to Freeman and Gilbert (1995) state that communication as a process where people try to share meaning through presentation of symbolic message. In this definition, we can conclude that communication have three important...

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