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Uprising Essay

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Uprising This movie called Uprising is a movie about courage, about the people who didn't want to surrender to the Nazi troops. This movie directed by John Avnet reflects the courage that the Jews had during the holocaust. This movie takes place during the Nazi invasion in Poland over the fall in 1943; where hundreds of thousands of Jews were put in quarantined or better known as the Warsaw ghetto. The Nazi troops were surprised to see how these proud Jews fought with honor until the last day of their life. The movie begins in Poland in 1943, the Jews were put into the Warsaw ghetto, the Jews had to fallow the rules that the Nazis put over them, and they had to wear the star in their right arm. One day Mordechai Anielewiez who was a Zionist formed a group called ZOB (Jews Fighting Organization), this ZOB were hiding in the school where they planed all their resistance movements to fight against the Nazis. This organization asked the Jews city council's leader for some help, because they needed money to buy guns, munitions, etc. but he didn't want to help them because he was trading money with the Nazis in exchange for the life of the Jews, this mean that the Nazis asked the city council for money in exchange for the life of the Jews and if they didn't have the money by certain time, the Nazis would kill the young Jews, but the Nazis killed them anyways. The Nazi troops started to notice the presence of this resistance and they didn't like it so much, and there is when the deportation started, a girl called Tossia Almat lost everything, her family was moved into the concentration camps and there is when she decided to become part of this resistance too. The resistance started to grow really fast but almost the whole population had been taken to the concentration camps and there weren't too many people to fight against the Nazis. Even though there weren't a lot of people to fight, the resistance didn't care they just wanted to recover their land they said "For the Jews honor, live with honor, and die with honor" (uprising.) the movement started to fight against the Nazis, at the beginning the ZOB were fighting inside of the buildings, some people throwing bottles of combustible to the Nazis tanks, some others shooting the rifles, guns, etc against the Nazi soldiers. The Jews were happy because they won the first two attacks of the Nazis but the Jews knew that they had to go outside of the ghetto to get more munitions and guns, so they send Tossia to meet a guy who was willing to help. The ZOB had some friends outside of the ghetto which supposedly would help them to fight against the Nazis.During the fights between the Nazis and the ZOB there was a guy filming a documentary or a movie about the Jews, this was like a kind of propaganda talking bad about the Jews, telling the world that the Jews had diseases and that all the problems that the world had is because of the Jews.The Jews kept fighting against the Nazis, the...

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