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Uprising Of The Income Disputes Essay

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Starting in the old days, money began dividing individuals into different social statuses. Industrialization, a process of a nation changing from agriculture to manufacturing, was happening and the people had to change with it. With the changes, income was looked at as a measuring device.
Class conflict, also known as class struggles or class warfare, is stated as the conflicts between the classes of society. High class, middle class and lower classes of people are labeled by their income. It is the struggle or non-struggle one goes through to basically live life. Two classes stick out, the higher class or capitalists and the lower class referring to the workers. A capitalist is one who owns or runs a business and the worker is just that, who works for the capitalist. The middle class although defined as most of the United States is also struggling with the lower poverty class. It is a constant growing resentment between each level of the society.
With the violence that comes with having such classes, people have started thinking for long term “fixes.” Having a world where people are more on the same level, without have drastic differences in income. “a just society is a society that if you knew everything about it, you’d be willing to enter it in a random place.”, was stated by philosopher John Rawls in a study. (Strain and Veuger) With this study, method being called “the veil of ignorance,” it was clear that people would create and a more equal society. They would also leave a small window for a richer class and a lesser class of people, allowing the room for incentives. The conclusion of study, even though people chose a more equal society, also chose to have a higher and lower class, thus leading this nation right back to where it is today.
This class conflict has grown out of a just income based judgment and now people have included race into the equation. Now when there is a problem arising, it is first sorted by what social status it is and then by race it involves. It has been debated if class-based and race-based affirmative action plans
can coexist, Kahlenberg stated. (Bonzo and Smith) With the laws being under attack, they have to change to be fair and equal to any and all people and situations. Beings as this is not possible, it is a fast...

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