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Uproar Over Prohibiton Influenced The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgeral

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Many things can influence change in a country, especially in the United States. The 1920s was a time in which many things occurred that changed society forever. The uproar over prohibition and economic growth had a large influence in literature as well, in particular the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The most notable of his works, was The Great Gatsby, written in 1925. The novel draw large influence from what was going on in that time period. With prohibition a popular topic going on in the 1920s, there was a lot of underground and illegal distribution. Due to alcohol being prohibited, the demand was very high and the 1920s still saw an increase in alcoholism and partying. All this also contributed to the changing of the American Dream. Many of these changes were not really being regarded until F. Scott Fitzgerald released The Great Gatsby, which in turn showed society in a fictional point of view, what America was turning into. The novel changed the country, but not only drew focused on the problems going on at the time, but also was influenced by Fitzgerald’s life. Influenced by his life in the 1920’s, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby reflects the changing American Dream and societal values.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on 1896 from an Irish-Catholic family. By age 13, he was already writing, seeing some of his work already appear on print. Fitzgerald loved writing, and ended up attending Princeton but his devotion to literature led him to be on on academic probation. Joining the Army after Princeton, his fears of dying in World War I, he left the army to fulfill his dreams to write. He quickly wrote a novel and sent it to a publisher. Seeing the originality and good plot, Fitzgerald was encouraged by the publisher to keep on writing. At age 24, he became one of the country’s most promising young writers after he published another novel, which received many positive reviews. With the growth in popularity, Fitzgerald adopted a party lifestyle, eventually growing a reputation as a playboy and alcoholic. This seriously damaged him reputation as a credible and serious writer. In 924, he moved to France in search of a change of writing style and there, he wrote one of his most famous pieces, The Great Gatsby. The novel drew much influence from the roaring 20’s and portrayed the Jazz Age, which focused on materialism, love and the American Dream. The novel had many characters that were infatuated with wealth and material possessions such as the character Dais and Tom. The novel achieved praise worldwide and addressed big issues such as alcoholism, racism, and love. After The Great Gatsby was released, Fitzgerald slipped into serious alcoholism and suffered from writer’s block, and adding to this, his wife, Zelda, suffered from mental health issues which had the two of them moving back and forth from Delaware to France. With these personal issues in his life, not only was Fitzgerald suffering from alcoholism, he also was depressed....

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