Ups, A Job For You? Essay

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If you enjoy dealing with people, the outdoors, and being your ownsupervisor than a job with the UPS just might be a job for you.There are many advantages to being a UPS driver, but there are also a fewdisadvantages. Some of the advantages are that most freight and material moversbelong to Unions. The particular unions that represent freight and material moversare International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agriculture ImplementWorkers of America. Unions make sure that the workers have proper workingconditions and make the right amount of money for what type of work they aredoing. The Unions do you usually require membership dues.Most companies also offer other benefits. Depending on the length of serviceand the size of the company many workers receive paid vacations and holidays.They also receive health, life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.The driver also constantly moves about and can enjoy the scenery changes in theweather. The individual is not under continual supervision and uses personaljudgment in pacing the day.A typical work week usually consists of a 5-day 40-hour schedule. Thedriver strive to keep the workday at 8 hours, but since the parcels must be deliveredon time to maintain the company reputation, overtime work is occasionally isnecessary. Also, the constant driving in heavy traffic, starting and stopping todeliver, and the repetition of duties may become tiring. The weather also plays animportant role in working conditions and environment because one is exposed to itmany times a day.The workers also must wear brown uniforms which aren't the best lookinguniforms I've ever seen. Most companies provide the worker with free uniforms.Since the worker spends a lot of time standing while loading packages the personneeds to purchase comfortable and durable shoes.In 1907 an enterprising 19-year-old James E. ("Jim") Casey borrowed $100from a friend and started the American Messenger company in Seattle, Washington.With a handful of other teenagers, including his brother George Casey, Jim ran hisservice from a humble office located under the sidewalk. Despite stiff competition,the company did well, largely because of Jim's strict policies: customer courtesy,reliability, round-the-clock service, and low rates. These principles, which guideUPS even today are summarized by Jim's slogan: "Best Service and LowestRates."(INTERNET)The delivery service has grown tremendously since the beginning and showsfew signs of slowing down.(FINNEY CO.) This industry should continue toprovide a large number of job openings. Now there are thousands of UPSdistribution centers all over the U.S. and many in foreign countries. In all the UPShas about 335,000 employees. Their service area includes more than 200 countriesand territories and every address in the United States.A drivers wages vary from employer to employer. Small companies payaround $7 an hour or about $15,000 a year, while large companies pay up to $15 anhour or about...

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