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The American Messenger Company out of Seattle, Washington was founded by a young man, 19 years of age, named James E. Casey. The American Messenger Company had a basement office where they would respond to phone calls and carry notes, packages, run errands, and take food from restaurants to customers. In 1907, when the American Messenger Company was established, there were very few cars and the messengers delivered by foot and bicycles. James Casey merged with his competitor Evert McCabe, bought a Model T car for the company, and changed the company’s name to Merchants Parcel Delivery. The business followed suit with the name change and the formerly American Messenger Company was now a package delivery company. Just 12 years after the establishment, the Merchants Parcel Delivery expanded to Oakland, California and once again changed their name to the United Parcel Service.
UPS was the first package delivery company that used air operations for transport. In 1929, UPS would use privately operated airlines to deliver their parcels from one city to another. However, there were not enough operations and the air transportation for UPS ended the same year it had all started. It took 24 years for air operations to commence once again. As they did in 1929, UPS used airlines to deliver the parcels. UPS Blue Label Air, the name for the air operation portion of the company, offered two-day services to large cities on the East and West coasts and by 1978, air operations were available in all 50 states.
In the earlier years of UPS, it would have been impossible to deliver parcels to every location available today. In the 1950’s, every single state had to authorize movement of the parcels between their respective borders. Federal authority was also needed to cross state lines with packages. UPS knew their potential when UPS Blue Label Air was introduced. UPS fought all of the restrictions of parcel delivery and by 1975 were able to deliver freely in all 48 contiguous states, the first package delivery...

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