Ups Battery Replacement: 3 Checks To Know If You Need One

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UPS systems are vital to every company. This is will be their only source of power, albeit a temporary one, in the advent of a power outage. It will protect their important company equipment from damage that may be caused by a power interruption and will also allow them to save important files and documents before having to fully go without energy.
Any failure to the UPS system will be greatly felt by a company or organisation. This is why it is necessary to maintain the perfect working condition of the system and its parts, which includes the batteries. Maintenance checks, scheduled tests and necessary repairs – all these need to be done to ensure the reliability of the system. But no matter how many repairs you do, sometimes the only solution is to replace the parts of even the entire UPS system.
So how will you know repairs are not enough and what you need is a replacement? When it comes to the UPS batteries, these are the four things you need to check:
1. Check indicator light.
Some UPS systems have an indicator light turns on when the battery needs to be replaced. This goes off during the three to five year mark as this is when most UPS batteries are expected to last. If the UPS battery has been maintained under ideal conditions, it will last up to the maximum year mark. If it lasts up to six or seven years though, you should still consider having this replaced as they may no longer be working in their top condition.
If the batteries have experienced several mishandlings like high temperature or discharges, the indicator light may signal replacement during its third year. If it’s still working during this period though, it will be good to undergo a calibration check to ensure it’s still working up to standards. There are also times when the indicator light turns on before the three to five year mark, and this may signal some internal problems...

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