Urban Area And Rural Area Essay

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  Nowadays, the two areas of living people choose to live are urban area and rural area. Malaysia has not much differences from others countries because the community in Malaysia also can be characterize between live in urban area or rural area. Live in urban area and rural area necessarily have it own differences and advantages. Because of environment, cultures and facilities, live in the urban area is differ from the rural area.
  Firstly, the different between living in the urban area and rural area is the environment. There are gaps in environment among these two area. Urban area are commonly refer to the cities and town differ from rural area that is well known as villages or small town and more to the green environment which are full of green trees, paddy field, rivers and farms. Therefore, it is more quite and calm in the villages with the good scenery which can bring peacefully to the surrounding. Compare with the town which full of skyscrapers, cars and road congestion,plus the crowds bring discomforts. The urbanization in the rural area less develop, thus it avoid any hazardous pollution that could harm any living things. For examples, air pollution from any factories which can causes asthmas, sound pollution and water pollution. Besides, the community practice the classic lifestyle such as the men will spent their time drink coffee at the stall in the evening while sharing story with each others. The kids in the villages still playing the traditional game such as “elephant leg”, “batu seremban”, “congkak” and many more. While differ from the community in cities and town where they more focus with their job and become workaholic, the kids prefer to waste time at shopping complex or playing video games.

  Next, the cultures in the urban area and rural area are totally different. The society in rural area or villages are very common with their neighbourhood spirit while mostly in rural area the residents prefer to live dependently. The neighbour hood spirit can be shown during the festivals like Hari Raya Aidilfitri and many others. During this festival they will visiting to others house and this can...

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