Urban Culture And The Economy During The Rennaisance

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How did the rise of urban culture and economy which characterized the Renaissance affect (and derive from) ONE of the following aspects of the Renaissance:a. changes in religion and the organized churchb. the new empiricism in sciencec. the revolution in the visual artsd. changes in societies the way they were governed.The art, especially Renaissance arts are my favorite of the four and to me was the best to read.In the arts as well as religion, sciences, society, and government, Italy was the major reason for growth during the Renaissance period. The name "Renaissance", which means "rebirth" is given to a period of many cultural events, most creative and economic, that was a way of living for centuries in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The idea of rebirth is the base of all Renaissance achievements by artists, architects, scholars, scientists, philosophers, rulers, and theologians who believed that the way to excel passed the usual limits was through the study of the ancient Greek and Roman Golden Ages. Because of the number of different areas in which it could be used, "Renaissance" is a word with a large number of areas of meaning. Just as Renaissance paintings cannot state any one expected or outline which could define any given style. Renaissance art was born out of a fresh, quickly developing socitey. It marked the point of departure from the medieval to the modern world and, as such, laid the foundations for many modern Western values and society.The Renaissance in Italy started slowly mainly because of the long search for scientific quality and greater realism. The effect of Humanism is reflected in the increase of nonspiritual subjects. In the final phase of the Renaissance, Mannerism became the most important style. Focusing on the arts, I will look at,music, painting, architecture,, and writing.Music artists had been researching proportions mainly due to an ancient Greek mathematician named Pythagoras. They developed different pitches on stringed instruments by altering the string length. Renaissance composers incorporated many of the classics into their works. By looking at carefully at ancient Greek drama, musicians learned the art of making their music show the lyrics in song (making music sound happy, sorrowful, scary, etc.). The birth of opera came during the Renaissance period when composers tried to re-create theatrical skills.The paintings of the Renaissance era show the application of humanistic ideals that were learned from history. In the Middle Ages, figures in paintings were usually arranged in unnatural poses, in geometrical groupings, and backgrounds of a color wash. During the Renaissance, painters wanted to portray figures as realistically as possible with the backgrounds being of nature. The advances of medicine and sciences, people had more knowledge of anatomy. Through science and mathematics, painters learned how to show perspective - how to represent...

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