Urban Growth Management And Politics Essay

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Urban Growth Management and Politics
Being a urban planner is an exciting career field to work in. There are countless opportunities to create innovative ideas that can change a struggling city into a beautiful and exciting place for residents and tourist. However, when it comes to managing urban growth, planning becomes a more complicated process. Part of the problem is the difficulty in balancing the task of growth management and politics. Planners must find sensible ways to manage growth while being mindful of the political aspects that interfere with planning.
Growth management is an important part of urban planning. As defined by John M. Levy, author of Contemporary ...view middle of the document...

However, changes were made to the legislation in 2001 to better accommodate management efforts. In the beginning, there was not a lot of support from residents, but that would change overtime. Many of the proponents for growth management are supportive of the legislation because they believe in the safe management of their land and resources.
However, there are many not supportive of the legislation of growth management for various reasons including government control. As quoted in the attitudes toward growth management publication, “the system has also been criticized for placing the state in the role of a command and control entity, rather than the role of a facilitator and advisor to localities on planning issues” (Connerly, 2004). While there remains to be a great number of supporters for growth management, many Florida residents are not in support of government intervention. The citizen’s stance against too much government control brings focus on the political aspect of urban planning and growth management.
There are many problems that can arise with an the unmanaged growth of within communities across the world. According to the works of , Robert F. Durant, Larry W. Thomas, and Don Hayes, authors of, The Politics of Growth Management Reform in the States: A Comparative Analysis, Urban Sprawl can be a burden to communities. For example, “The quality of life in numerous states today suffers appreciably from burgeoning populations, unbridled development, and unmanaged settlement patterns” (Robert F. Durant, 1993).
Occurrences like unmanaged developments can be catastrophic to a community. Other issues like an increase in population and not enough affordable housing to meet the demand of growth can ruin a city as well. There has to be a plan in place to prevent these problems. According to Durant, “Urban Sprawl routinely depletes agricultural lands, overcrowds school systems, gridlock traffic patterns, increase taxes, and diminishes air and water quality (Robert F. Durant, 1993). Issues like pollution and overcrowding make planning political on many different levels. These problems quickly cause citizens to grow angry and also...

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