Urban Legend Of Glenn Dale Hospital

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Glenn Dale Hospital

Many people claim that they do not believe in ghosts or other uncanny things. Despite those claims, however, a good urban legend still has the power to make anybody stop and ponder the question, “What if?” What if these stories that always seem to have some level of possibility, were actually true? As urban legends transcend through years and generations, they always find a way of still seeming possible in the present time. This is what can be said of the story that was shared with me about the Glenn Dale Hospital.

On an evening in March, I visited my cousin in her dorm room. A sophomore, kinesiology major from Maryland and born to Nigerian parents, her eyes lit up and then narrowed when I asked her whether she had an urban legend to share with me for the sake of an assignment. That is when she shared the story of the haunted Glenn Dale Hospital off of Annapolis Road (MD 450), telling it as follows:

Ok basically what I heard from my friend as we drove by this rundown place called Glenn Dale Hospital, was that it is a haunted hospital that was shut down due to problems with the place like bacterial problems, asbestos, and tuberculosis, or something like that. But then it reopened as a psychiatric patients home. But then it was closed down again because the crazy people began wandering around uncontrolled in the woods or something like that. And according to my friend, she claims that there is this underground railroad that links to different sections of the hospital. And basically they said that the patients who were left there and employees who worked there and caught the disease, died. And now their bodies are still lying there and their spirits are still in there. So that is why it is haunted. Now it’s kept off guards and constantly guarded by the police who have a station right across from it, to prevent the many people who try to see the hospital for themselves, from trespassing.

Although it was only me and her in the room at the time, the entire time she played the role of the performer, constantly altering her tone of voice for emphasis on certain parts of the story, and saying it in a way that would cause someone else to believe the story just as she apparently does, as indicated as she ended the story saying that a few of her friends sought to go see the hospital last October, but the pictures of the place were enough to deter her from going to such a place. It was her performance that reeled me into the world of this particular urban legend, making me want to find out more about this Glenn Dale Hospital, the stories behind it, and the people that were there.

Researching the story led me to different pieces information, from some information about the true history of the hospital, to various forums filled with people planning their trespassing adventure to search for ghosts and spirits, and finally, to different versions of the legend. One website, The Glenn Dale Hospital Mission, not only provides...

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