Urban Legend Of Humans Licking Essay

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Humans Can Lick Too

I collected the story on Saturday, October 9th in my dorm. It was late at night, which added to the effect of the story. The storyteller is a student at the University. He is 17 years old, is from Rockville, Maryland, and is Methodist. He is half Sri Lankan and a quarter Irish and Palestinian. His father is a diplomat and works for the state department, and his mother is a homemaker.

The story, as told by the student, is as follows:

There once was a girl who lived with her parents in a nice little town. Her parents went out for the night, leaving the girl home alone. She did have her dog with her though, which was a big dog that made her feel safe. She was fairly young, around 13 years old, so her parents told her to make sure all the doors and windows were locked so no one could get in. She did as she was told, but for some reason a window in the basement was stuck, and she could not close it. Because of this the girl simply decided to do the next best thing and locked the basement door so in case someone got in, they could not get to her. After a few hours the girl went to bed, sleeping with the dog next to her bed to make her feel comfortable.

However, the girl woke up during the night to a dripping sound. She figured she had left the water on or that there was a leak in a pipe, but she was too tired to go see what the problem was. Being home alone made her a little nervous though, so she put her hand next to the bed to let the dog lick it. She went back to sleep only to wake up again in an hour to the same dripping. She became annoyed but still went back to sleep, letting the dog lick her hand once again. She woke up again in the morning just as her parents were getting home. She was glad to see them because they could fix that annoying dripping sound. However, as she got up and walked into the bathroom, she saw a frightening sight: her dog was skinned and was hanging from the shower head! The dripping she was hearing was not from a faucet; it was the dog’s blood dripping onto the ground. She screamed really loudly and ran into her room, frantically looking for something to protect herself with in case the murderer was still in the house. However, as she went back into her room, she saw a note next to her bed that said, “humans can lick too.”

This story is a well-known urban legend, supposedly taking place in a small town south of Farmersburg, Indiana. It is closely related to the legend “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light” in the respect that both legends involve a girl who is unaware of a murder taking place right in front of her and a message left for her which she discovers the next day. The murder is not the spine-tingling part of the story, but rather the fact that the murderer let the girl live. This story is a modern urban legend, but the hand-licking motif dates back to August 11, 1871, in a diary entry by Dearman Birchal (www.snopes.com). A wife wakes her...

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