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Urban Legends. Essay

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Claim 1: Supposedly a woman in California owned a small dog. She washed the dog one day and tried to dry it in a microwave oven. The dog exploded from this treatment. Claim 2: A girl went to Taco Bell and ordered a chicken burrito. She was in a hurry and ate the burrito in her car while driving home. The next day her mouth was swollen. She went to the doctor, took some tests and found out she ate roach eggs, which were in her taco. The previous stories are urban legends, any modern, fictional story, told as truth, that reaches a wide audience by being passed from person to person(Brian 1). What makes these stories popular, why are they told and retold, and what does this show about contemporary culture?First of all, what makes urban legends so popular? One reason is because these stories have a developed storyline. The story always happens somewhere to someone. This makes the story more believable and therefore popular. Urban legends are usually based on true stories or situations that happen to a friend's friend or a friend's cousin, for example. Urban legends are always astonishing and leave you with a worrying feeling. This is another reason why they are popular. People are intrigued by stories they can relate to their everyday life and be left with a sense of horror.Furthermore, why are urban legends passed on? There is no established reason why people pass on these legends. There are, though, seven different types of people who pass them on. The first, a believer passes on a legend because they feel that it is true and that others should be aware also. The second type is called fence sitters meaning that these people will tell an Urban Legend because they suspect it to be true and do not want to accept the outcome for not telling it if it turns out to be true. A Substantiater will tell an Urban Legend because it portrays an opinion or worldview. Self-Promoters tell urban legends to establish their knowledge of secret. This is their...

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2034 words - 9 pages inspiration, Japanese horror films often draw influence from urban legends. Furthermore, these legends commonly focus on women as the central characters for the antagonist. Initially, Ju-On begins with the story of Rika, a social worker going into a home to help an invalid old lady. However, upon entering the home, Rika soon learns that there are more problems in the house than neglect. After cleaning the woman, Rika begins to clean the rest of

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1620 words - 6 pages Urban Legends: Fact vs. "Fact"For hundreds of years, various folklore and local legends have been prime subjects of human intrigue and fascination. Over the past century, such folklore has been dubbed "Urban Legend." Also referred to as contemporary or modern legends, urban legends have become sources of education, entertainment, and explanations. What often starts as a mere rumor can potentially develop into an urban legend; a tale which

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1474 words - 6 pages To Believe or Not To Believe Modern Urban Legends      Many people have heard the tale of the dotty grandmother who tried to dry off her damp poodle by placing it in the microwave oven. The dog exploded, sad to say the least , and Grandma has never been quite the same since. The story is not true; it is an urban legend, circulating by word of mouth since the 1970s (Brunvand, 108). Urban legends are popular stories

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935 words - 4 pages Stacy Nadelberg10-13-02English 102-010Urban Legends: Where did they come from? Fact or Fiction?Everyone has heard an Urban Legend at one time in his or her life. What some wonder however is; are they fact or fiction? Everyone has heard the story of the girl whom had her insides fried from a tanning bed. How about the lady who ate at Taco Bell and then later found that a cockroach had got into her lip from a burrito and laid thousands of eggs

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2503 words - 11 pages to ear. She is said to attack people, mostly children, who dare to go out on the street alone at night and cut their mouths open or kill them depending on how they answered her questions. This urban legend allegedly stems from the fear of strangers which is a common theme in countless modern legends. In fact, kuchisake onna caused a sort of mass hysteria in the late 1970 after some copycat assaults so that the police even doubled the security

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1749 words - 7 pages The Impact of Urban Legends Throughout History and Around the World Urban legends have always intrigued me. I am unsure if it is the scare factor that intrigues me, the way in which some of them are told, or some of the lessons that are supposed to be taken from them but one thing I know for sure is that I do not stand alone in this belief. In fact urban legends are told all over the world, even in countries that many have never heard of

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2373 words - 9 pages Literary Analysis “Did you hear about that one girl who died from spiders that made a nest of her hair?” “Yeah, who could be so stupid as to not wash their hair?” As casual as this conversation may seem, it shows the power of urban legends at work. Although “The Beehive Hairdo (the urban legend which our pair of friends here are discussing) is no longer prevalent in culture and society, it still demonstrates an urban legend’s ability to modify

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957 words - 4 pages . Identify the type of contamination in two urban legends: Modern myths and legends exist in our present day society in the form of urban legends. Urban legends are continuously being passed on by word of mouth and more easily by email via the Internet. Urban legends are warnings of contamination. They represent fears all humans have of things that are threatening. Two urban legends that exist are stories of "The Hook" and "Red Eyes". Their

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1669 words - 7 pages The Story of Black Aggie Urban legends are the supernatural folklore of our modern society. From one generation to the next, they orally travel throughout the world, constantly changing from one region to the next. Although cultural variations exist, the core of all these urban legends remains the same, to unveil the universally known individual and societal fears. “The Graveyard Wager” is a timeless urban legend told again and again, and

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956 words - 4 pages Cry Baby Bridge When talking to students around campus about urban legends they knew, many of them were quick to recite a story that they once enjoyed hearing. Most people all knew at least a couple stories. Almost everyone knew some variation of the most popular urban legends. When talking in the dorm with a twenty year old female student, I learned that she knew several stories from her hometown. I found most interesting the story

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1374 words - 6 pages APS ISU – Urban Legends What are Urban Legends? How would one define an urban legend and what is it that differentiates it from other similar terms such as legends, myths and folklore? These terms tend to be group together, and for good reason considering they are all interrelated of each other as a means of storytelling. A legend is established upon historic events but have a fictional component to them and possess great significance to the

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