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Urban Mythology Essay

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Hip-hop’s greatest gift and its heaviest burden is its legacy of urban mythology. It will be remembered as that bittersweet moment when young black men captured the ears of America and defined themselves on their own terms in doing so, they raised a defiant middle finger to a history that shamed them with slavery, misrepresented them as coons and criminals and co-opted the best of their culture.

Family History
Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on june,16,1971 in East Harlem, Manhattan New York.
He was the son of Alice Faye Williams who was born January, 10, 1947 in Lumberton North Carolina to Rosa Belle Williams and Walter Williams. Tupac Shakur’s great grand father was a poor white man from Lumberton named Powell who married Millie Ann Afeni’s grandmother and Tupac Shakur’s great grandmother. Millie Ann was a black woman Powell was disowned by his family and tied to a wagon and was dragged around town. Rosa Belle Williams and Walter had two children their first born was Gloria Williams Tupac Shakur’s aunt and Alice Faye Williams named after the actress Alice Faye. Alice’s father Walter was a mean spirited and abusive husband he was a wife beater and physically assaulted Rosa Belle during Alice’s childhood. Tupac’s mother remembered the end of her parents marriage: “One time in front of me and Glo my dad tried to hit her, and because we were there, my mother did not let that happen. We never saw that blow connect ‘cause she threw hot grease on him. Right from the skillet she was holding. She never would have done that if she were alone.” Rosa Belle left Walter and took her daughters back to Lumberton, north Carolina and moved to New York City. Alice was eleven years old when she arrived in New York City. Rosa Belle and her two daughters settled down in the New York borough of the Bronx. Fifteen year old Alice was keeping the wrong company and joined a all girl gang the...

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