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Myths And Representations Of Australians In Australian Media And How They Have Changed Over Time

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IntroductionDefined as the “A means of communication, especially of mass communication, such as books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, motion pictures and recordings.” The media is an interregnal part of society. It has been around for years and has continually adapted and changed to the times. Oscar Wilde once said “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything.” And this is true; in addition, it is the medias job to sustain this curiosity. To do this, media it draws upon all aspects of society when creating its products. It is through media stories become myths, facts change to fiction and stereotypes are publicized and become part of popular culture. In this report the issues of the stereotyping of different Australian characters such as The Bronzed Aussie, The Larrikin and the Australian ANZAC/Digger will be looked into along with the way these representations have changed throughout time. Other side issues such as the Australian anti-authoritarian attitude and Australians reactions to different sub-cultures shall also be addressed. A range of different circumstances impact on the end result of the media broadcast, the form and genre of it, its target audience, technological changes, the economy and codes and conventions.
Media Form and GenreMedia form and genre are apparent in all forms of media. The majority of forms which I utilized to study the different creation of various Australians was film. This form is a highly used form and has been around for a long while; it is ideal for creating stars and superstars. This form, however, is largely subject to different constraints both monetary and social. It is forced to be within the bounds of what the public wants as it will not be able to sustain itself and make a profit otherwise. Other forms such as advertisements are created specifically for one purpose, to advertise. These advertisements also portray the society of the age, it is an accurate source of what advertisers believe would entertain the audience and sell their product.
Songs are also another form of media. Australian centric songs such as “We are Australian;” are symbolic of Australian culture and pride of Australian multiculturalism. Other such as “I was only 19” are a clear representation of an event in Australian history. This song is an example of Australia challenging the stereotypical ANZAC legend, specifically after the Vietnam War. One of the main reasons is managed to gain so much popularity and airspace was a mixture of the message it portrayed and the time it was released. If it had been release directly after the war was over, chances are it may have been met with negative feedback, primarily from those who did not go to war. Australians at the time had grown sick of the ‘un-winnable’ war and there are reports of them blaming the soldiers themselves instead of the government who sent them there. A few years later, however, this had died down a little, the diggers who returned were suffering the...

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