Urban Poverty Around The World From My View

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Urbanisation and Poverty are two economic patterns that hold ongoing trends that some individuals may find disturbing. Urbanisation refers to the rising number of people who occupy in urban areas. It mainly results in the physical expansion of urban areas. The United Nations estimated that half of the globe's population would settle in urban areas at the close of 2008. (International Herald Tribune)Thirty-five years from now it is expressed that 64.1% and 85.9% of the developing and developed world respectively are progressing to be urbanised. (The Economist. Urban Life: Open-air computers) Poverty is the condition of being without, often associated with need, grief, and meagerness of resources that cross an extensive variety of circumstances. Poverty is increasing rapidly in urban areas than rural areas. Over one billion people inhabit urban slums which are commonly overpopulated, corrupted in pollution, critically dangerous; bear a shortage of fresh water resources and depressing standards of hygiene. (UNFPA Urbanization: A Majority in Cities) In this essay, I will speak up urban poverty from my view perspective on global, Vietnam, Egypt and Brazil’s urban poverty.
Global Urban Poverty from my View
From my view around the world, third world countries are usually outlined as “developing” .However the First World, industrialized empires are often visualized as “developed”. I believe developing countries does not necessarily mean a lack of material wealth and that one is impoverished. A vigorous economy in a developed nation is meaningless if a significant proportion or even a majority of the public is struggling to survive. (Poverty Around the World: Global Issues)
Top development nationsto myself may imply on several aspects, for example:
• The capability to make informed and free decisions that are not coerced;
• An rise of living conditions and access to all necessary needs such that an individual has enough health, clothing, education, water, food and shelter.
• A durable economic, political and social environment, with linked economic political, social and freedoms, essentially equitable ownership of land and property;
• Being able to engage in a democratic environment with the authority to have a voice in one’s own future;
• From my perspective to have a complete understanding for what I call Human Development:
Human development for urban poverty is endlessly more than about the increase of nationwide incomes. It’s more about producing an environment where citizens can lead productive and can surpassbeyond their full potential, a variety of creative lifestyles according to their needs and interests. Citizens are the genuine wealth of nations. Growthis thus about developing the ideas ofindividuals to enjoy lives that they value. However, it’s thus about much more than economic expansion and growth, which is only a necessity, if an important one is to enlarge people’s choices. (What is...

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