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Urban Regeneration: Forms, Positive And Negative Aspects (Case Study On Two Olympic Cities)

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URBAN REGENERATION: FORMS, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECTSCharalampos TheocharopoulosIn Biology, the term "regeneration" means the revitalization of old or damaged tissues or the restoration of a system in its initial form. This is the case in urban fabric, where economic activities and business are revitalized, social structure is reinstated and the quality of the environment is increased. A general descriptive definition of the urban regeneration would be that it is the city planning interventions in parts of the existing urban fabric.As a consequence, regeneration of an area is the sum of the guidelines, measures, interventions and procedures of the city planning, economic and architecture ...view middle of the document...

Creating pedestrianized zones, parks and other public places make the city safer while developing shopping centers create jobs and providing sitting areas and allocating green areas a more healthy and relaxing atmosphere. Planning a sustainable transport system control the environmental impact of transport and facilitate the citizens who can move cheaper and safer. In order to deal with the unskilled people who can't find a job and those who cause social disruptions it is required to improve the educational system and make education and second chance schools, which nurture person with high ideals, available to all.Urban regeneration projects have both successes and failures something which can be easily perceived if we take a look in the regeneration of the Olympic cities. Hosting the Olympic Games has a major impact on a city and its people. The motivation for candidacy usually comes from the government and business circles of a city, which consider the Olympics as a mean of enhancing of the worldwide image of the city and the country and a way to business opportunities and worldwide recognition of the city. They are also a major opportunity for urban and economic regeneration, infrastructural and environmental improvement but also a way of achieving international reputation and prestige. However, they consist a high desirable event to host and that's the reason why legacy planning is required. Host cities invest deeply in the games with the hope of reaping sizable gains for the local and national economy but if the outcome is less than the expected they end up with large net losses.Athens and London are two characteristic examples of cities where the Olympic Games led to urban regeneration and revitalization and they had both positive and negative outcomes.For the Greek authorities the Games' symbolic return to their birthplace and spiritual home would be an event to be remembered for many years. However they didn't plan for the post-Games period as effectively as they could have. Athens organizers and the Greek government disagreed on various issues and this increased the initial budget but in the end the workers pulled of a small miracle by finishing some venues with hours to go and the Olympics were run smoothly. Despite these problems, the city of Athens was regenerated in several ways as Athens regeneration projects included the transportation sector, the cultural sector and the health sector. The cultural regeneration related to the unification of the archeological sites and the restoration of the ancient forum around the Acropolis. The changes that were accomplished in the transportation sector (the completion of Eleutherios Venizelos Airport, the renewal of the highway network and the most important, the expansion of railway and bus lanes system and the subway construction) as part of the regeneration for the Olympics, were crucial for their successful implementation and additionally they will be inherited to the future citizens of the...

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