Urban Renewal The Rebirth Of Detroit

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If you live in or near Detroit you know the recession, which began roughly around December of 2007 still seems to exist. Detroit with its auto manufacturing background was hit very hard during the economic downturn of our country. What you may not know however is how city planners intend to breathe new life into what many consider a dying city. To the people who see us as a dying city, you have no vision. Urban renewal will bring renewed glory by preserving buildings that have cultural heritage, providing small business opportunities and rebuilding neighborhood communities.
We will take a look at the way urban renewal will bring the city of Detroit back to prosperity and create positive changes for a bright, blight free future.
Urban renewal began as programs of reconstruction during the late 19th century, and was at its most intense during the period directly after the Second World War. It is primarily used to describe land redevelopment programs, and is often touted as an effective means to develop communities. (Gerrity, 2011).
Urban renewal projects reclaim run down areas within a city, bringing value to everyone if redeveloped. The difficulties of Detroit are well known, but with the help of the State and Federal government Detroit’s urban renewal will be successful and create positive results that will revitalize our decaying city bringing back, jobs, people and our lost glory.
Detroit is known for a fantastic array of architectural buildings many of which are in the beautiful forms from the Art Deco period. The preservation of Detroit’s history and historical buildings is crucial, even as we enter into a time of renewal. “Developers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the federal historic rehabilitation tax credit which so far has brought $681 million in private investment to 57 historic-rehabilitation projects.” (Meeks &Donaldson, 2013). The city’s oldest neighborhood Corktown has many of its Federal style homes being restored and on Michigan Avenue some of Detroit’s trendiest bars and restaurants have opened their doors in “new colorful buildings” (Conlin, 2014). The development of this area, and the Midtown area as well, are fine examples of how urban renewal projects are preserving Detroit’s architectural neighborhoods to maintain our rich history.
The Eastern Market, one of Detroit’s top neighborhoods for the arts, redevelopment plan calls for creating a vibrant and diverse area. Detroit Collision works
will break new ground on the development of a large boutique hotel and community space which will be constructed out of shipping containers. The 16,000-square-foot hotel will sit on an acre of land near the Dequindre cut in the Eastern Market area. The hotel will offer roughly 36 rooms, a 3,000- square-foot event venue, an outdoor courtyard, and a community workspace. (Achatz, 2013).
The Market area redevelopment perhaps does not make use of preserving an actual historic structure, but it does preserve the...

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