Urbanization And Its Alternatives Essay

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Urbanization and its Alternatives By: Samra It was estimated in 1996 that by the year 2000, half the world population will live in urban environments .Urbanization is to accustom somebody to living in a town or city rather than in the country, or in other words make a rural state and urban state through gradual industrial changes. With the rapid movement of urbanization, it does not serve everyone the best of lives, there are several alternative living variables, and each of them comes with its on set of costs, and benefits.There are four main processes of urbanizations. The First stage is the transition towards the industrial development, and having less dependency on the agricultural industry. The second stage is the growth present businesses and industries in the town. Often time's competition gives encouragement to maximize profits, while expanding the controlling businesses and industries. The third stage is the status of the economy. Urbanization usually starts if the economy is flourishing and is at steady state. For this status, there will often be a tendency to have technological and industrial advancements in area, making it quite urbanized, creating a city. The last stage is the control of population and area growth. Even though, the economy may be booming, there should always be a constant rate to accommodate the whole population. Meaning, there should be a certain standard of living level. With a new town being urbanized, the population is sure to increase, mostly by immigrants, who look for job opportunity as well as a decent lifestyle. With Urbanization there are many five main factors that fall within the stages: "¢ Demographic changes- which determine the fast population growth, as well as the growth of the rural area. Population can grow, by people migrating, high birth rates, family size formation, seek for better standard of living, and job opportunity. High birth rates in a rural area, are typical because the bigger the family is the more help they receive; also it is a form of security at old age for the parents."¢ Political change- the change of political leaders often lead to change of plans and idea's for the town. This often led to the gradual advancement of urbanization. Political changes also make changes in the layout changes of towns and county's, i.e. Major streets, buildings, new residential areas."¢ Economic changes- The industrial, and information revolution, and the recession after WWII made the sudden rise, and boom of the economy in North America."¢ Social changes- change of politicians and economic system, atomically make changes to our lifestyle. And, adjustment to the change of environment."¢ Technological changes- this has given us most of the opportunity to develop and urban city or town. It has made advancements in transportation, communication, equipment and machinery, health care, and many more.Most of the urbanization has existed and is expanding more rapidly in the Developed...

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