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Temptation Cradle Essay

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Acute award-winning novelist J.K. Rowling once said, “Power was my weakness and my temptation.” Temptation is something everyone encounters at least once in their lives. Indubitably, most people deal with it every day. The hard part about coping with temptation is to decide whether to yield or succumb to this perpetual temptation. Determining what to do with temptation is something that sets people apart from having a fragile, or having a tenacious personality. Shakespeare’s Macbeth fully delves into and reiterates all aspects of temptation throughout the entirety of this timeless play. In this play, Lady Macbeth is plagued with temptation early on. Her choice to give in to this temptation makes her extremely vital. Lady Macbeth is important in Macbeth because she is manipulative, extreme, and determined.
One reason why Lady Macbeth is important in Macbeth is because she is manipulative. Lady Macbeth has devised an untenable plan of murder that will put her on a fast track to royalty by making her husband the king. When Macbeth gets home from war, Lady Macbeth, his wife, tells him about her plan of murdering the current king, Duncan. At first, Macbeth seemingly agrees with his wife, but as can be seen in act one, scene one, line thirty-four, “We will proceed no farther in this business”, Macbeth clearly turns the plan down. Lady Macbeth thinks her acrimonious way is the only way to become royalty. She begins manipulating Macbeth back into the plan, and even goes as far as to question her husband’s manhood. Lines forty-seven through forty-nine prove this, “and live in thine own esteem letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would’ like a poor cat in the adage.” Macbeth then absolutely feels like he must go through with the plan simply to prove himself. This manipulation proves that Lady Macbeth is crucial because without her relentless manipulation, Macbeth would have never murdered King Duncan, which made the entire story take place. Lady Macbeth’s hardcore manipulation proves she is important in this play.
Another reason why Lady Macbeth is important in Macbeth is because she is extreme. Lady Macbeth has a very extreme way of thinking in everything she does. Macbeth received prophecies from the weïrd sisters telling him that he will be king, so Macbeth writes Lady Macbeth a letter and tells her of the good news. While reading the letter he wrote, Lady Macbeth instantaneously thinks of the most extreme thing she can, which is murder. She feels that the only and easiest way her and her husband will take the throne, as predicted, is through this massive extreme plan. Her husband arrives home telling her that Duncan is coming to the castle and she reveals her plan to him. In act one, scene six, lines seventy-one and seventy-two, “O, never shall sun that marrow see!”, show how instantly extreme...

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