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Us China Cooperation Or Conflict Essay

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The United States and China have had a long history of international relations, from enemies to competitors. China’s Global presence has become imperative in the future of polarity. Prior to the 2008 financial crisis the US and China had strong relations; yet the US adapted to a unilateral foreign policy approach focusing on “The War on Terror,” distancing themselves bilaterally. Cooperation or conflict with the United States (US) and China will depend on foreign policy implemented by each country. The security presence in the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Japan as well as, a multilateral focus on interdependence will determine such policy.
During the past years when the US and China focused on business matters, relations progressed smoothly, however, whenever ideology, value and power overrode these interests both countries became intertwined in resentment and hostility. The US has to adapt to a multilateral foreign policy approach including China in it’s future, free of historical differences. China’s domestic policy should favor liberalization, which will then lead to a foreign policy that will develop a beneficial assertive behavior focused on interdependence. Thus creating a formula for cooperation, an opposing condition will lead to conflict.
Theories and Predictions
The US-China relationship is one dependent on power and influence in the international community. US policy’s, self-centered, unilateral approach has resulted in a greater security presence in East Asia to help the power struggle of ASEAN and East Asian states. This struggle exists due to a lack of trust. As China rises, it’s actions become unclear to the peripheral states resulting in a favored US presence for security. In order for the US and China to remain in a cooperative state the US needs to respect China’s wish to rise and limit military occupation in the region. If not, the government involvement of security amongst the ASEAN and East Asian states may be seen as a threat thus resulting in conflict. The strength of this theory seems apparent to US occupation in the region making China feel US presence is a threat to national security. It’s weakness neglects to state the US commitment to China and China’s commitment to the US financially. This upon all is what completes the link.
China’s rise has been influenced by liberalization, which has become essential to cooperation. The international system, dependent on export-oriented growth, is a Western development that has essentially forced China to participate in through foreign invested enterprises. Although, with US decline as a World Hegemon and China’s now Global stance, it can shape domestic policy to formulate rules and regulations within the Global community leading to further growth in China. Interdependence will play in China’s favor resulting in increased profit, cooperation and a US multilateral role. Liberalism’s strength here is the...

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