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Exporting from and to an outside country in the US and the rest of the world is very common. In order for an international trade to occur, to different countries have to produce and demand a specific item. The sale of such goods adds to the producing nation’s gross output. What our country and others choose to purchase from other places in the worlds depends on our current demand and need. In our reading for Chapter 16, I immediately wanted to learn more about all of the countries that we export our business to and vice versa. I wanted to truly see the reason as to why we do. I always felt it was driven on the expense of production and business trying to make the biggest profits.
The top three countries that we do export to are: China, Canada, and Mexico. China, in specific was a country in which I wanted to learn more about. So it was an automatic thought, when I read the assignment for this week. China, per “The Balance” an article written in June 2017, stated that China exported a total of $502 Billion dollars to the US. The US has a large trade deficit with China, and in 2008 it stood at $268 billion. We (US), spends $4.46 in China for $1 they spend in US goods.
With the recent presidential changes and enemies that the United States has built. It’s clear to see that China is an ally not only for common grounds, but because they are large business partners. Should a relationship every break with China, the US would be a clear loser in it all, as China exports received from U.S, account to 0.5% of US GDP, per NY Times.
The relationship between these two countries has remained intact due to the mutual need of one another because of the business that the...

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