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Environmental Science
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Chapter 10 - Biodiversity
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Section 10.1: What Is Biodiversity?
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
Humans benefit from biodiversity every time they eat. Most of the crops produced around the world originated from a few areas of high biodiversity. Most new crop varieties are hybrids, crops developed by combining genetic material from other populations. History has shown that depending on too few plants for food is risky. For example, famines have resulted when an important crop was wiped out by disease. But some crops have been saved from diseases by being crossbred with wild plant relatives. In the future, new crop varieties may come from species not yet discovered.
In the space provided, write the letter of the term or phrase that best completes each statement.
______ 1. Depending on a few plants for food is
a. healthy for humans.
b. risky for humans.
c. good for crops.
d. beneficial for some species.
______ 2. Relying on one important crop can cause
a. famine if the crop is wiped out.
b. hybrids if the crop mixes with another population.
c. disease if the crop came from wild plants.
d. a new crop variety if a new species is introduced.
______ 3. Some types of crops can be saved from disease if
a. they can be genetically isolated.
b. they are sprayed with enough pesticide.
c. areas of high biodiversity are destroyed.
d. they are crossbred with their wild plant relatives.
4. What is the main idea of this passage?
5. What key term is in this passage?
6. What is a hybrid crop?
7. How is a hybrid different from its originating crops?
8. The crops we enjoy today originated from
9. A hybrid crop is developed by
10. Explain one reason why a famine might occur.
11. How can crossbreeding help save a type of crop plant?
Section 10.2: Biodiversity at Risk
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
Like rain forests, coral reefs occupy a small fraction of the marine environment yet contain the majority of the biodiversity there. Reefs provide millions of people with food, tourism revenue, coastal protection, and sources of new chemicals. One study in 1998 estimated the value of these services to be $375 billion per year. But reefs are poorly studied and not as well protected by laws as terrestrial areas are. Nearly 60 percent of Earth’s coral reefs are threatened by human activities, such as development along waterways, overfishing, and pollution. Similar threats affect coastal ecosystems, such as swamps, marshes, shores, and kelp beds. Coastal areas are travel routes for many migrating species as well as links to ecosystems on land.
1. How much of the marine environment do coral reefs make up?
2. What percentage of coral reefs are threatened by human activity?
3. How much of the marine environment’s biodiversity is contained in Earth’s coral reefs?
4. How much money are the coral reefs worth, according to one study?

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