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Us Government: Democracy In America Essay

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What is believed about our government is a lie. No, it is not about corruption or scandal, it is however about what the government is commonly believed to be, a democracy. But is America really a democracy or is it just a misguided republic? A person could just look up the definitions of each but to find the real truth they must go back and see what our Forefathers intended this nation to be. By looking at their thoughts and ideas, it can be gleaned not only what the government is but also how far it has strayed from its true purpose. Because of the Forefather’s wisdom, they set out to make this nation a federal Constitutional republic, for they saw that the states need a central government ...view middle of the document...

The colonies realize that their only option to escape England’s ever tightening grasp is to strike back and declare freedom. Paine states later in his pamphlet that although America appears to be weak especially in their number of able bodied men, their strength is found in their unity (57-58). Numerous protests and battles led up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which asserted our claim to become a new nation, and every nation requires a Governing body.
Now that the forefathers had won their victory and separation from England, they set out to start their new government. Before the constitutional republic was implemented, there was an attempt at extremely de-centralized government, known as the Articles of Confederation. In the confederacy the states held all the power and essentially stood as a mini-country, however this system would end up proving fruitless and cause multiple problems for the early colonies.
As anyone is aware America is most certainly not a Confederation today, and one of the key reasons is that because the central governing body had little, to no control over what the states did and no power to enforce few rules the Central government was allowed to put in place. As John Quincy (Q.) Adams put it in his Jubilee of the Constitution:
“The articles of confederation … seem to be little more than an enumeration of the functions of a national government which congress constituted by the instrument was not authorized to perform. There was avowedly no executive power and the nation fell into atrophy (11).”
Adams later states that the “… separate state sovereignty, was not only a departure from the principles of the Declaration of Independence, but directly contrary to, and utterly incompatible with them. Thankfully that nation learned from its erroneous attempt at a government and proceeded to reconstruct the new one in a better manner.
Coming out of the failure of the Articles of Confederacy, our forefathers used what they had learned and set out to reframe the government, focusing on making the central and state governments balanced in their power. Thus they...

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