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American Involvement In Conflits Essay

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War has been present for all of mankind’s recorded history. It has always been an important piece of humankind. For most of that time there have been rules, written or unspoken, that regulate how wars are waged. Rules like these can be seen throughout history, including the Spartan Code, The Bible, and the Geneva Convention. There are today many rules and regulations about what is legal in war and what is non permissible, there is even an international criminal court, in Hague, that deals with war crimes. Many groups fight for and advocate for rules of war to be implemented all around the world, to try and keep it civil and prevent atrocities.
The United States generally follows the international rules of war. Whether they are from treaties signed with other countries or decisions by the United Nation(UN) or North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), the United States generally complies. In domestic law, there are many different rules, regulations, and rulings that affect the United States involvement in war. However, many of these are contradictory or unclear and useless. The many laws and codes are often impediments when action is necessary. The only way to circumnavigate the bureaucratic red tape that so impedes the process, is to change the supreme law of the land. An amendment to the constitution that clearly defines the rules for starting, conducting, and ending a war, must be passed to safeguard our nation’s independence and security.
War has always been a focal point in our nations history. So much so that Mark Twain once said “God invented war so Americans would learn geography”. His words were obviously meant as irony, but the sentiment rings true. War is a very important part of American culture. Americans care about war and the way America acts in war. As with all things dealing with the American populous’ opinions, they change over time. American’s opinions of war have changed over time, and with them how America responds the idea of war.
This can be seen both very recently and further in the past. The United States involvement in the two World Wars detail show how American public opinion has changed American action. On the 28 of July in 1914 World War I began. For the next three years Americans and their president, Woodrow Wilson, vowed not to enter the war. Entry would been have been incredibly unpopular with the populous as a whole. During the first three years of the war American merchant ships would supply their allies, the French and English, with arms to fight the Germans. Early in the war German submarines would attack these ships in waters they deemed in a war zone. Americans were able to reach an agreement that allowed the ships to continue unheeded. On February 3, 1917, the German ambassador to the United States informed Wilson that they planned to stop honoring this resolution. Wilson took this information to the Senate, who sat on it. In the first weeks of March of the same year, the main headlines in the newspapers...

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