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Us Iran Relations Essay

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Review of the US Foreign Policy towards Iran
Relations between the United States and Iran have gone from bad to worse since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Iran have been considered as a member of the “Axis of Evil” and the US foreign policy towards it have been built within this perspective. However, many domestic, regional and global changes have led to the belief of a need of review of American foreign policy towards Iran. It is widespread believed that A stable relationship with Iran will alleviate the pressure upon Obama’s administration and the US foreign policy makers. This review attempts to explain evolution led to the need of reviewing the policy towards Iran, and ...view middle of the document...

Considering this Iranian threat to regional security and stability in the region is the first step in improving an effective policy towards Iran.

Secondly, there is a widespread belief that the Obama administration foreign policy reflects the decline of the US in favor of Russia and China. In the Middle East, moreover, the influence of the United States is in decline under Obama’s administration and the region itself is worse after Arab-Spring. Also, the crossing of red lines in Syria and Ukraine harden the US position and lessen its credibility of taking action. Thus, a tough position towards Iran and its nuclear program is a good chance to recover the reputation of the US, boost its credibility and reassure its allies.

Thirdly, although the Iranian officials explicitly claim that they will not abandon their rights of nuclear technology and they deny any limiting of their ballistic missiles program, there is a release in the hardline position of Iranians after the election of Hassan Rouhani as president in June 2013 which led to the first contact between the two states in the presidential level since 1979. Also, major changes of the domestic politics relating to nuclear program have been occurred.
The need of review of US FP towards Iran is critical in order to confront the Iranian hegemonic threat in the Middle East, to promote the global leadership of US and to take advantage of release in the Iranian FP.

The internal scene in Iran:
Three factors in the internal scene can lighten the extent of fragility or stability of Iran which are economic situation, human rights record and divided leadership.
Economically, Iran's oil was not allowed for exporting to the EU and US. Inflation hit 25% in 2012, because of sanctions and mismanagement of the Ahmadinejad administration. The cost of living reaches a dire level, the price of bread rose by 1500% in July 2012.
Moreover, Rouhani has failed to honour his promises to promote the human rights. Iran has a terrifying rates of executions, restrictions on freedom of expression, discrimination against minorities, arbitrary detention and torture of political prisoners.. Iranians believe that the supreme leader Mr. Khamenei has given Rouhani free hand to negotiate a nuclear deal but limited his domestic plan.
Finally, since the protest of re-election of president Ahmadinejad in 2009, the division and conflict within the political elite become obvious. Although the differences between hardliners and reformists often shape the Iranian policy, it is important to understand the ambiguous of the dynamics of foreign policy decision-making within the individuals and institutions in Iran. For the nuclear politics, in particular, the debate intents to fall into one of three camps, nuclear supporters, nuclear detractors and nuclear centrists. The Supreme leader Khamenei has the most influential decision in this issue who has fluctuate between the centrists and the supporters. Indeed, severe economic...

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