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What is it like to be a Marine? Joining the United States Marine Corps is great career and life choice. They have many roles to play in the fields of ground, aviation, logistics and command combat! You can also get many benefits such as housing, good salary and depending on your ASVAB score a good job choice. But the one factor that keeps the Marines staying strong and proud is Brotherhood, nothing can break that bond.
If you like the thought of driving tanks and shooting an assault rifle, rocket launcher and even a sniper, then Ground Combat is the field for you or how about flying in which Aviation. Ground Combat conducts land based operations, including offensive, defensive, ...view middle of the document...

O.S of choice. At headquarters you must provide necessary planning, execution, and assessment during all operations ( In response to any threat enlisted and officers must work closely together within command to direct our forces from air, land and sea ( Public Affairs Officer, Judge Advocate, MAGTF Intelligence Officer and Command Enlisted are many of these important jobs. This field is led by a senior commander and staff.

As a Devil Dog you a have an impact all around the world. You must face down threats like Hurricane Sandy or Somali Pirates ( Only a few emerge from the chaos ending tyranny, injustice and despair. Just hearing the word Marines bring comfort to those that are threatened ( But the biggest impact is you, you must become something greater fighting for something you believe in. To become part of the nation's elite warrior class you must be eligible to join. All it takes is 12 weeks to see if you got what it takes. But to get to boot camp you must take step one. Step one is meeting a recruiter and he/she'll help you reach the requirements to get into boot camp. You must be a US citizen and become strong both physically and academically ( All branches are required to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test ( The corps expects high standards and at least a 2.0 GPA and a high school diploma (
As a newly found marine you start down 1 or 2 different path with a great career. Most marines’ careers start out on the enlisted path. You start you path as a Private rank and work your way up to Sergeant Major. But others are...

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