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Us Mexico Border Culture And Economy History.

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Discuss the ways in which the history of border societies has been shaped by the economic relationship between Mexico and the U.S. Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of this for both countries.The U.S Mexico border region before the 1800's was a barren expanse of land that stretched between two oceans. Before this time there was little or no natural resources to promote or aid any kind of large population settlement, '[...] it was characterised by small autonomous, local communities economically and politically independent of each other.' The areas first real population build up began in 1546 when silver was discovered in Zacatecas. The area although envied by foreign states that were vying for power in the north stayed in Spanish hands and passed into the post Spanish rule of The Republic of Mexico. The area since the 1800's has become a hotbed of political, social, nationality and trade issues. The aim of this work is to follow the timeline from Mexican independence through to N.A.F.T.A and up to modern day. This work will give most treatment to the foundations of the border societies. It may seem perverse that the main body of this work is not dedicated to N.A.F.T.A but as the Maquila phenomenon can be seen as yet another boom on the border and is as fragile as the prohibition vice tourism boom. Events could conspire to end N.A.F.T.A and the Maquila industry such as a switch to a location other than the Border region or for manufacture robotic technology to become so cheap that the assembly plants would be more cost effective to be ran in the U.S. We shall also see through the examples cited in this work that in the main it is issues on the U.S. side of the border that drives the boom bust cycle.This essay will reflect and comment on the economic relationship that has shaped the border societies. As the economic relationship is inextricably linked to political and social events these will also be commented on when analysing the economical relationship.One of the first economic and political events to have a major impact on the border societies was the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed in 1848, which forced Mexico to sell one third of its territory to the U.S. This shifted huge tracts of land and Mexicans into the U.S. This was a major blow for Mexico not only territorially but also economically as gold was discovered in California just two weeks before the treaty was signed. One of the immediate social impacts was the absorption of 300.000 Mexican nationals now to reside in the newly annexed part of the U.S. This at the time would have been a huge change for the Mexicans. The treaty was signed and within a very short space of time they changed nationality with no given consent. It is difficult to gauge the personal effects of this, as no personal accounts are available to reference. One can only imagine that after a three year war Mexicans would hardly be welcomed with open arms by their new fellow compatriots and must have...

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