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Us Russian Relations After The Cold War

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- well researched essay, very thoughtfulShkolnikov 1US and Russia relations after the defeat of the USSR:The end of Cold War brought new challenges to Russian life, economy and politics. Actually, the post-Cold War period opened the new opportunities for Russia. Democracy made its first steps in the country. After seventy years of communism Russian people finally got a chance to live how the want, to say what they want and to do what they want. People got a chance to choose their own leader, to vote for the Congress members. And it was very confusing for the country. Russia needed somebody to come out and help in this critical situation.Probably, the first country to do that was the United States. Russians 'needed and wanted effective advise and technical help from the United States' (Pickering 102). And the most amazing thing was that the United States didn't mind and, actually, wanted to help Russia. But why? Why the United States wanted to help Russians? And I think the answer to that is very simple: the United States realized that America and Russia must not think of each other as natural enemies, but must work together to make more peaceful world, even if they were ready to destroy each other not that long ago. United States needed Russia as a strong partner in the twenty first century.Russia went through many changes in its economy since the Russian Federation took over the Soviet Union. 'An economy devoted almost entirely to the production of military goods wasShkolnikov 2forced to begin to provide what its citizens demanded, not what its rulers ordered' (Pickering 100). But it wasn't that easy.Russian government appeared to be unexperienced in modernizingthe economy. Most of the people in government came from the school of the Soviet Union, so they were unable to do anything without somebody's help. '... the United States provided Russia with massive augments of experience, delivered through government and private sector advisors as well as by bringing Russians in large numbers to the US for training and exchanges' (Pickering 102). But the help of the US wasn't just a gift; America had something they got out of the help they were providing in building the Russian economy. All big American companies went to the Russian market. 'American firms are convinced of Russia's extraordinary potential as the market for US trade and as a host for investments' (Pickering 102). Russians were prefer to buy American clothes, food, cars and electrical devises. All new-born Russian private companies preferred to partner with American companies. Each year Americans were increasing the sales of their own products on the Russian market. As I said earlier, Russia devoted itself to the new type of the economy; with private sector businesses. But what they could do with all those weapons produced during the Soviet era? And the way out was found. Russia became the biggest exporter of military ammunition on the world market. The exports of oil also put Russia on...

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