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The U.S. Supreme Court decides many important cases a year. It is one of the most important aspects of the U.S. Government. In this Memo I plan to give you an insight on the U.S. Supreme court and how it works as a whole. Through doing this I will briefly describe how the supreme court works, and just some general information about the Supreme Court. I will also give you information on the 9 Supreme Court justices, the President who appointed them and their judicial views. With the new President, George W. Bush, people have been speculating on how he will affect the Supreme Court. I plan on addressing this issue as well.I. Supreme Court A. General Information 1. The United States Supreme Court is the nation's highest court. Their foremost function is to review decisions of the Federal Courts of Appeals and the highest State courts.2. The U.S. Supreme court consists of 9 justices.3. There are 2 main ways a case can be heard in the Supreme Court.a. Appeal by right is the least most common way for a case to reach the Supreme Court.b. Writ of Certiorari is the most common way for a case to reach the Supreme Court. It requires a lower court to produce the records of a case it has tried. The vote of four justices is required for the granting of a writ, which is called the rule of four.4. The U.S. Supreme court is an Article 3 Court.a. The Justices of the Supreme Court serve for life. Their are only three ways they can be removed; Death, impeachment or retirement.B. Current Justices of the Supreme Court 1. Stephen G. Breyer a. Nominated by Bill Clinton b. He is accused of siding too often with the big businesses over the people. As an appeals court judge,...

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1224 words - 5 pages I. "Our constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law.” – Justice John Harlan, in his dissenting opinion in the case Plessy v. Ferguson. (History of Brown v. Board of Education) The US Supreme Court has evolved to promote new personal civil rights for African-Americans, ultimately creating a more racially equal society. II. The first way that

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1563 words - 7 pages of Appeal, and the Supreme Court. District Courts The Federal District Courts are the “workhorses” of the federal court structure. They are the trial courts. Within limits set by Congress and the Constitution, the district courts have jurisdiction to hear nearly all categories of federal cases, including both civil and criminal matters. There are 94 federal judicial districts, including at least one district in each state, the District of

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988 words - 4 pages Napoleon Bonaparte once said,"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." This straightforward quote can be associated to the Supreme Court and their decisions affecting our US History today. Supreme Court decisions become the "law of the land" and, as such have far-reaching consequences for American society. The Court tells us, through their interpretation of the Constitution the meaning of our protections and

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1386 words - 6 pages of Speech. The Freedom of Speech has constantly been called into question. Can we dictate what people say? If people oppose us through speech can we stop them? What and how far can people go with their right of speech? This questions and more have all had to be answered by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s answers can be seen in the court cases of Schenck v. United States, Feiner v. New York, and Brandenburg v. Ohio. One of the most


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1805 words - 7 pages -resources/get-informed/supreme- Court/about-supreme-court.aspx>. Blake, John. “Three questions for Clarence Thomas.” CNN.Cable News Nework, 25 June 2013. 9 Mar. 2014. ,>. Connor, Tracy. Missouri Murderer Executed After Supreme Court Rejected Appeal. 25 Feb 2014 19 Mar. 2014

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972 words - 4 pages . Finally Bush took the case to the Supreme Court on the grounds that federal law was being broken.The question arose: Did the United States Supreme Court have jurisdiction in the resent US election in Florida? The first opinion that we will be exploring today states: I. This was a federal issue and therefore the Supreme Court had jurisdiction.Bush's attorneys argued that federal law was being broken. They stated that the laws governing the counting of

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2120 words - 8 pages Nine Tyrants I sat intently in front of the television as the evening news was being aired. I then watched in despair as the newscaster announced the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. At the stroke of a pen, a law enacted by our republican form of government was subverted at the hands of a panel of nine, unelected judges. It is the duty of the judicial branch of government to interpret

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1669 words - 7 pages searched after having been lawfully arrested well that is what will be decided in the United States Supreme Court in a case called US v. Wurie. The case has not been decided yet. I think that if this case is decided in favor of protection of informational privacy then my 4th amendment rights to unreasonable searches will have been protected by the court system. Since cell phones are a fairly new technology the court system has taken years to address

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1832 words - 7 pages room. Overall, the Supreme Court came to a unanimous decision with seven votes for McCulloch and zero against. The court expressed, “We are unanimously of opinion, that the law passed by the legislature of Maryland, imposing a tax on the Bank of the United States, is unconstitutional and void.” ("US History 1 Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Cases") The legal provision that the court relied on was the Necessary and Proper Clause of Article 1

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921 words - 4 pages atheist views, Adams appointed various Federalists to the judiciary. Thus, attributing to the single most significant case of the Supreme Court, Marbury Vs. Madison, a struggle between Republicans and Federalists that would end in a future altered by fate. This controversial landmark case established the constitution as “Supreme law” of the United States and developed the power of the Supreme Court, enhancing its independence and proving it a

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