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Us Victory In Rev War Essay

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XXXXXXX September 19, 2014U.S. Hist 11H Thematic Essay #1Reasons for U.S. Victory in Revolutionary WarOn July 4, 1776 Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, thus officially beginning the American Revolutionary War. However, in 1775 the battle of Lexington and Concord was the first official battle between boston settlers and the British Army.Tensions between the 13 colonies of America and Great Britain had become too great and the 13 colonies decided to break away. This was not something Great Britain wanted because in return they were losing many things like, money, territory, power and more. On September 3, 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed, signifying the victory of the newly formed United States of America.This war was one through keene political, diplomatic, and military actions.Militarily the colonies were very immature, however, they received a plethora of foreign aid to help defeat the British Empire. The Continental Army was disorganised, dirty, untrained, inexperienced and alone stood no chance. However, the Continental Army's guerilla warfare style maybe one of the most important reasons for their victory. Prussian Captain Von-Steuben volunteered to train Washington's troops, improved sanitation at military camps, made the soldiers a lot better, and became Major General in Continental Army. This was a much needed assistance that helped lead the U.S. to their victory. French officer Marquis de Lafayette had a lot of military experience, entered into Continental Army as Major General, fought without pay, helped in British surrender at Siege of Yorktown. France and Spain sent America weapons and lots of money as they too wanted to see Britain defeated. All of these countries and more sent their full support from afar because like the U.S. these and most other countries wanted to see the British Empire destroyed.Diplomatically the U.S. unified and fought tooth and nail against Britain. Colonists were fighting for their freedom and Britain was just trying to stop the rebels, they...

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