Us Vs. Them. Compare/Contrast Essay About My Parenting Styles And Those Of My Parents. Only Comments Made On This Paper Were "Excellent!!!"

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Us vs. ThemTimes they are a changing, raising a child in this day and age has become a lot harder then it was in the past. Many questions arise on how to properly raise them, such as: Is spanking really the answer? Should I let them do their own thing or spend every waking minute with them? How can I reach them? While there are many methods of parenting out there, stressing the importance of an education, giving the child opportunities and their independence, and spending quality time with them are some of the main concerns.First, let's turn to the importance of an education. It's always a good idea to let our kids know that an education is important. That little piece of paper is extremely important. My father always told me that he always regretted the fact that he never continued his education. Of course, it was not really necessary due to the fact he works in the construction field. My mom is the perfect example of where a good education can take you. After her company was outsourced to one of those "cheap labor" countries, she decided to go back and hit the books. Now, after her head is out of the textbooks, she is an accountant for a multi-billion dollar communications company (can't really blame her for the bankruptcy, the owners just got greedy). "We all have to [go to school] to get anywhere in life, and that's what I gotta say to myself everyday." This sentence changed my entire outlook; of course, it was too late. The right people had signed the papers and I was kicked out of school. I knew what I had to do though, to get anywhere in life, I needed that piece of paper. So I signed up, studied hard, and took the test. I want my kids to learn the value of an education, show them that it really can take you places.Opportunities and independence are another, kids need the chance to explore and learn different things. My parents gave me the chance, and my kids are going to get the same. Got the chance to explore Europe not once, but three times (that was the only good thing about my high school, everyone loved to take field trips!). Sophomore year we went to England and Spain for a literature class. Junior year, my French class traveled around France and hit Monaco, best trip I have ever taken with school, even got an extra week off of school due to that whole mad cow disease scare. The last trip, Italy and Greece, for another English class was during my senior year. I'm...

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