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Through its history, America has experienced a plethora of tragedies and victories, each making an impression on its identity. But as with all things, it did not evolve overnight into what it is. Politics are the brain of the country, but the people are the heartbeat. The direction of the former depends on the status of the latter and certain events affect the citizens of a country beyond repair. War shakes a nation to its core, transforming every facet of society. Sometimes it is for the better, but not every time. Throughout the last century the US has had the misfortune of going through three wars, each very different. The start of the century kicked off with World War I, giving the nation economic as well as societal changes, from the growth of Progressivism to the start of the journey for women's equality that would shape the political world of the 21st century. As for the next World War which came all too soon, it gave America the patriotism that was so long admired and the unity of thought on a national matter. Yet again, women in the war transformed their role in society, but this time even greater. However the economy did not fare so well, and suffered even more from Roosevelt's policies and massive tax implements affecting the the future decisions regarding the deficit and budget. To finish, Vietnam was an even greater disappointment to our nation. The riots and movements of the day regarding communism which was the enemy, and the open hate towards the soldiers from the media seriously hurt the war and the nations view of it. NOt to mention Nixon's feeding of the welfare beast and EPA. All in all, despite every other event of American history, very few have had as much of an affect on the nation politically as WWI, WWII and Vietnam.

Lasting from 1914-1918, the first war of the century was no small battle, but rather the first modern battle involving every major force of the world. It would be logical to assume such a conflict had risen from a seriously critical cause, however this was not the case. The death of Austria's archbishop could have blown over with a few months of mourning, instead Austria overreacted and blamed Serbian Nationalist's for his death. They declared war on Serbia and as a result Germany decided they would get involved in something that was not their business to begin with, fully backing Austria in the matter. A domino effect followed and soon the world was divided into the Allies, of which the US was on, against the Central Powers, basically just Germany and Austria. The United States did not actually enter the war until 1917, however its effect on the nation was irreversible. Most important, was the effect on the nation after the war was won. Politically, the US did not have a stellar performance during the war due to Wilson's failed Versailles Treaty and prolonged entrance to war. This did not stop them from almost single-handedly winning the war. As a result, America was now on the world stage as a fore to be...

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