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Usa Immigration: Undocumented People Essay

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Undocumented people- The term undocumented people defines the millions of immigrants who currently exist in the United States without legal right. Although not exclusively from Latin America, a majority of undocumented person are citizens of Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. They compose a large portion of the labor force in the service industry. They are particularly well represented in the agriculture, restaurant, hotel, and construction industries, especially in the South Western United States. Most illegal immigration to the United States occurred between 1982 and 2007 (Barone). Many of them have lived in the United States for decades and have been US ...view middle of the document...

In general they attempt to ensure their member’s labor receives a maximum valuation.
The law of supply dictates that the more plentiful a resource is the less it is valued. Thus for many labor unions illegal immigration results in a surplus of labor which consequentially depresses the wages of their members. Additionally many undocumented persons are willing to work at below market rates, essentially underselling the existing American labor force. Illegal Immigration is generally viewed as posing little threat to the wages of skilled laborers, such as aircraft mechanics, electricians, and plumbers or to public sector government employees. Rather they often compete with unskilled American workers, who tend to be from the lowest socio-economic groups in America. Many labor unions contend that Illegal Immigration adversely effects the poorest Americans and benefits wealthy American business owners. For example, African-Americans were previously the largest ethnic group in the domestic service industry. Since the 1980’s they have generally been forced out of this industry by undocumented workers who are willing to accept lower wages.
Labor Unions are interested in Immigration Reform for a number of reasons. Mass legalization, colloquially known as amnesty, would bring millions of undocumented workers out of the “shadow economy” and into more direct competition for more highly sought after jobs. They believe this surplus of labor would result in a depression of wages and salaries for countless American workers. Additionally they believe it would incentivize further illegal immigration which would bring more undocumented persons into the United States to compete for American jobs.
American Business- American business refers to the business community in the United States. It is group represented not only by the industries which benefit most directly from Illegal Immigration: restaurants, construction, and agriculture; but also those industries which receive ancillary benefits such as real estate developers, financial services, and manufacturers. In the public policy arena their views are best represented by the US Chamber of Commerce. The Wall Street Journal Editorial page is perhaps this group’s most prominent advocate in the press.
This group receives many benefits from increased immigration of all forms, it supplies them not only with a surplus of cheap labor but also millions of new consumers for their products. Illegal immigration assures there is a large labor pool which is key to growth and development. Undocumented persons are often willing to do work such as agricultural labor for which there is no domestic labor force. Additionally by reducing the price of labor, illegal immigration reduces cost to businesses across many economic activities. Take the food supply of the United States, by keeping the cost of harvesting labor intensive agriculture low, agribusiness is able to minimize their expenses. This savings is passed on to their...

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