Usa On The Road To Becoming A Police State

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“If citizens cannot trust that laws will be enforced in an evenhanded and honest fashion, they cannot be said to live under the rule of law. Instead, they live under the rule of men corrupted by the law” Quoted by Dale Carpenter. Have you noticed how the government enforces the laws these days influenced by corrupted system and the destruction of our constitution? The creation of bills and laws that are being passed that are mainly for more control and to take away our rights. This is reality, we the people are being controlled and you are playing along in their plan to brainwash us in believing we are ok. There are regular people, celebrities, good politicians who have spoke out about this subject and have been shut up by the powers that be. Secondly, the many cases of abuse from local police, federal, and many other officials from their citizens that they are supposed to be protecting. In addition, the government and the 1% are planning to depopulate us so they can execute their long awaited plan of creating the New World Order. So on the other sides of the argument are the politicians and the 1% who are doing everything to take the public’s eye off from what they are trying to do.
People need to wake up from this nightmare that has been put into place to harm all of us. There have been throughout history and today who have spoken out about this matter. Their plans to overpower us have been more documented now than ever before. The ones who have gone against their plans have been taken out or silenced. For instance, John .F. Kennedy was assassinated by our own government, and was covered up so that the government never can be blamed. Why was he killed? Very simple he was doing the right things on his own no outside influences that were telling him what to do. There’s to my knowledge evidence that has been found that proves that he was taken out so that their plan may continue. Many people over time have been taken out due to their beliefs and going against what they want which is a society that is under their control. Today in the modern age we are being controlled, but no one has the common sense to see that. Look at what you watch on TV, movies, video games all of which are showing how dumbed down we are. The 1% controls the media, music industry, and has power as up as the government. Let’s look at celebrities who believe that we are a police state Bill Maher, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, the late George Carlin, Jimmy Kimble, these are some who believe. They talk about it on TV and comedy bits which all can be found on Youtube. Even the general public who have seen past the system are fighting it taking the right actions such as peaceful protesting. Also the people that over the years entertaining us have the same belief that we are being controlled, wouldn’t you think there is something really going on. How many times have you seen protesting about the government taking our rights away and suddenly never talked about again because of a new...

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